The Reason We Burn Out

The reason we burn out, I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you, when you feel like you’re burning out, and you don’t know why sometimes. We certainly have it, when we are not consciously aware of what we’re doing, we actually do burn out. There are many reasons and if I was to point to the one reason that we burn out sometimes is because we are not able to educate our expectations or we are not able to educate someone else’s expectations. It usually happens a lot in business when somebody gets started and you kind of paint this beautiful picture about all the benefits and everything that these businesses can do for someone, but you don’t go back and educate them about the challenges. They’re going to go through the ups and downs and warn them and vaccinate them against that.

Most of the time people are going to burn out because they think this is something very achievable. If you don’t educate the expectation in terms of how long that’s gonna take for them. Let’s say for example, you paint this picture about making a million dollars a year to this person who understands without you educating them about, an average time they might be taking or how is that possible in terms of action. What happened most of the times, when that person is making a million dollars within a few months or even sometimes even the first year, it depends on how much action somebody takes and how sustainable that is obviously. People may get burnout because they work extremely hard, but they don’t know exactly what they’re doing, and they expect to have the results at the end of that hard work and determination.

I believe sometimes the reason we burn out is not about not having a good reason why, that contributes,. If you don’t have a good reason why sometimes we don’t feel motivated enough to keep working. There’s no reason why you should be doing it, right? But at the end of the day, I think it’s about educating your, first of all your expectations, so you don’t get disappointed, of what is in store for you and how long it’s going to take for you to achieve certain goals and second of all, thinking it a bit further in the health of your business and the longevity of your business by going back and educating someone else’s expectations especially when they start in their brand new business, they don’t know what you know. So you may as well guide them and educate them through the journey, all the ups and downs and why it’s OK to have the ups and downs so they don’t end up burnt out and they quit or they disappear in your business. So just remember, the reason somebody will burn out most of the times in your business is because they haven’t been educated about their expectations. So educate their expectations and you will see how they can go through the process.