Keys To Scale From Six To Seven Figures

There are many ways you can scale your business from six to seven figures. In our experience, what we’ve seen is what we went through is a clear process on what we have to do and what were the requirements or the keys so we could actually scale our business from six to seven figures without burning out. Not necessarily because you have a bigger business and higher incomes or higher revenues means that you need to work harder. It is actually, I would say the opposite sometimes. I would say most of the time that’s what you want. So here are the three keys that I would be always having present in my mind as I go about my business on a daily basis and I do what I need to do in my business to scale from six to seven figures.

The first thing is that I will be asking myself is, is my message unified? And for example, in terms of a presentation of the opportunity, what happens most of the time is that the message gets lost on many levels beneath you. When you tell somebody a story and you know, the Chinese whispers, right? When you tell one person a story and they tell it to someone else and they tell it to someone else and someone else, eventually the message gets kind of diluted and a little bit lost. And it’s all about the perception of the person that is listening to that message. But if you’re always having present how to unify the message, whether that’s a goal for your team or is the actual presentation of the opportunity or the training, for example, it’s always about thinking, how can I unify that message?

Because when you have that message unified, and everybody understands that is the one thing that every single person can do. And they always understand it in the same way or is said, it is said in the same way. You know, everybody will understand it in their own way, but it will be very clear in terms of what message is the one that is given out to them. So chances are that people will actually understand it better when the message is unified. So that’s the first thing. The question is how to unify that message, or how can I get that message unified? Always. The second thing and the second key that it goes in, they all go together by the way, the three keys. The second thing is once I have that message unified and I understand what the message is, then I’m going to start thinking, how can I automate, automate that message?

In the second case, automation.Am I able to get the unified message? And then can I automate it? And the answer most of the time is yes. Why? Well, because we have beautiful, amazing technology. Now there’s this video, right? Like the one that I’m doing right now. So instead of me telling the story to someone and then passing it on, depending on what they understand about my message. It’s better if you cannot sit down like I’m doing right now , directly talking to you and giving you that message. So for example, the way you can automate that message is you record the video in what you’re doing and you make it available for people to watch and for people to share. So when you do that, you can then go to the third key to get your business from six figures to seven figures.

Which is scaling. The last question that I ask myself when I’m doing anything in my businesses: is that scalable? You know, can I make it bigger? Can I reach out to more people? Can I create more with this that I’m doing right now? And the answer most probably is yes. If you unify the message, that means everybody knows exactly what they need to do. Then you automated by doing the video. Then usually by default I would say, then you are able to scale it because when you put that video like we’re doing right now, and you’re watching this video, the only thing you need to do or your team will have to do, is to share that video with the new brand new person. And the message will always be passed on in the same way. It will always be automatic. That means the energy will always be the exactly the same no matter if it’s at 1:00 AM or 3:00 PM, anywhere around the world. And that means that once that happens,it can be played as many times as needed and it will always be delivered the same way.