The Truth About Creating a Seven-Figure Business

Creating a seven-figure business, it was like a dream come true. When we first started our journey, one of our dreams was to make a million dollars. And even further was obviously to make a million dollars a year.

To have a seven-figure business, it’s a very achievable thing, actually. But I think the biggest kind of a-ha moment that Masa and I had is that the skills, and this is probably the thing that I want you guys to remember, is that at least from our perspective and our experience, I don’t know, it might be the same for you hopefully, is that the skills that got us to have a six-figure business were not the skills that we had to have to get to seven figures. We had, obviously, to acquire new skills. We are always never ending improvement, constant never ending improvement.

At the same time, we had to be aware that the skills that we had learned to become six-figure earners were not the ones that were going to get us to seven-figures. The biggest difference, if I was to point to one that was the biggest skill that I had to learn was to lead people. The most important skill to become a six-figure earner for us was to become a master recruiter. To be able to talk to somebody, understand and see and find out what their dream was. Then build a bridge between their dream and your opportunity. Then making them virtually in the head cross that bridge so they would see the opportunity as a way and a vehicle for them to achieve their dream.

To become a six-figure earner for us, we had to become very good at doing that. The better we became, the better the outcome and that got us to six-figures. The thing that got us from six to seven-figures was a different skill that we had been working on obviously as we were going through the zero to six-figures. It became more obvious as we wanted to scale the business, which was leadership. It was about getting people to do what they need to do and have that clear vision and being able to communicate that vision to our team and give them a clear path on how to get there. Then keep them accountable.

As I said at the beginning, the main thing for you to understand, I think, is the skills that got you to six figures, at least in our case, were completely different from the skills that got us to seven-figures. If you want to get to seven-figures, it may be worth for you to start thinking on how you’re going to lead your team and how you’re going to paint that picture, that vision and you’re gonna give them a clear path that they can follow to get to, in their case, maybe seven-figures, maybe six-figures, and will get you to seven-figures.