The Difference That Makes All The Difference

Hey, pyjama bosses! In this video I’m going to tell you what I believe is the difference that makes all the difference in your network marketing business. This difference is really knowing exactly what process you’re following and you’re teaching to create success. Now, that sounds pretty simple but it could get really complicated. Let’s make it simple. We can explain this.

You see, if you know exactly what a brand new person who’s just joined your team needs to do, for example in the first hour, the first day, the first week, the first month, and so on, in the business to go from zero to six figures, to go from six figures to seven figures. If you have all that clear but even more so if you know what is the exact process to sharing the product and the business with a new prospect, if you know all these things and you have clarity of the processes, then I know you’re going to create massive duplication fast.

Not many trainers talk about this, but I think it’s so important. Quite often, we’re just adopting the processes for quite a while until we’re at six figure level of earning an annual, an annual six figure annual income in your network marketing business. All of a sudden, I don’t know about you, but you’re feeling like you’re plateauing. You’re feeling like your business is not growing despite you pushing and actually working really hard.

Well, the reason it may be is because you have lost track of the clarity of what it takes to actually create success. I want you to go back and go really simply into the five steps of duplication. If you don’t know what that is, that is simply creating a list, inviting people, following people up, getting them started, and team-building and duplication.

What are some of the processes that you teach that you use and that you know will create success? If you have that clear, but most importantly if you have that documented and if you have that available to your time, that is the difference that will make the entire difference. A lot of six figure and even seven figure earners in network marketing, a lot of great leaders that I get the chance to talk to, they always say, “You know what? We just don’t know what we’re doing. We just don’t know how we got to this level of income. Now it seems so difficult to bring other people on board. We just feel so guilty because our team is not getting success.”

My answer is get really clear on what you did and what you teach and then document it and get other people to repeat what you did. I hope this really helps. Put it in practise and make a difference that makes all the difference.