The Price Of Not Knowing Your Most Important KPI!

The price of not knowing your most important KPI.

Hey everyone, Pyjama Bosses, this is Mara right here with you and in today’s video, I want to talk to you about the price that you’re going to pay if you don’t know your most important KPI. Oh my God, KPI, what is that? It’s called Key Performance Indicator. It is like a number that you can track so that you know what are you doing excellent, you’re doing great, or no doing so well.

What is that most important KPI, first of all? There’s so many numbers that one could track in any type of business, but when I look at network marketing specifically, when I look at what could be the most important indicator for a leader who’s growing a team and perhaps you want to know how well your duplication is tracking, there’s one number that I always keep in mind and that is … And you know what, this is a little technical but don’t be afraid of it, it’s pretty simple. It’s the ratio between everybody who’s a product user versus the people who are actually building the business.

What percentage of the orders in your team are actually placed by business builders. Team members. People are who actively and part time or full time pursuing the building of this business. Here’s the thing, you see, within our  duplication blueprint, we’ve always said this ratio should be five to ten percent no matter what income you’re going to have in network marketing. Five to ten percent no matter what income you’re going to have in network marketing.

What that means at least one out of 20 or one out of ten people, right? Out of people who are placing the orders in your organisation should be focused on also building an income or building the business together with you. If you don’t have that, if you only have thousands of product users, you’re creating yourself a very laborious job and going to be stuck in servicing these people and you’re going to have very little leadership.

Unless you track this KPI month to month and know exactly how many business builders versus the number of total orders you have, you’re getting lost and perhaps you’re not going the right direction to really scale and grow your business and correctly get to the million dollar income per year. Start tracking it, put it into action, and I hope this really helps in creating a seven figure income for you.