The Only Way To Teach A Script

Over the years, you probably have seen in other videos, that Masa and I have been kind of sharing with you, there is, you know, many ways that you can actually memorize the script, right? and believe me, as I said before, in many ways, because English is not my first language, this is the first thing that I tried to do, right? I tried to memorize scripts made by someone else, successful scripts, and then try to rehearse, try to say them, in the same way with the same words. And what happened is basically was that I wasn’t very successful that actually accomplishing the goal, whatever that goal was, was, you know, maybe presenting to someone or, you know, closing script, quote unquote, you know. So, after all these attempts, trial and error and all 12 plus years, I guess, I think, and it’s just, again, it’s just my personal opinion.

I think the only way really to to actually, teach, you know, teach a script to someone is first of all to basically understand who they are, you know, in based on that to teach them in a way you know, that that person understands the process in the goal of that particular script. For example, if that script, let’s say, is about inviting people, the goal of that script is going to be what? To get someone to watch your presentation or your opportunity. That’s the goal. So the way to teach that script we wouldn’t be about, let me tell you what to say, and learn these and less practice. I think, I think the best way, based on my experience obviously, and not being English, my first language, I was never able really to say word by word, you know, for any scripts are all.

And I still can’t. I’m horrible at following scripts, but the thing that I became better at was to understand the process of that script and then making it my own and use my own words and putting my own personality to do it right. So if then, again, going back to the invitation, if the goal was to get that person to watch your presentation, I would read the script, but then what I would be doing is to find, and I will be writing in my own words, how I would be inviting that person based on my personality. So for example, if the script would say, would read something like: if I can show you a way to create an extra million dollars in the next five years, would you be willing to take a closer look to my opportunity?

That might not be me. Right? But what I will be doing is that I would understand the concept. The concept of that invitation is first, if I can show you a way, would you be willing to? and then, when do you have time That will be like the three key elements of that invitation. And so what I will be thinking is, okay, well, based on who I am, what I will be saying to Peter? I will say, Peter, you know how we talked so many times about life and you tell me that, that you always want to take a trip to Peru, to Machu Picchu and you’ll never have the time and the money to do it and go with your family? Well, I found a way that I think might be for you.

So if I could show you a video they in about 10, 15 minutes, that can actually give you an idea of what the opportunities for you to actually do that, would you be willing to have a look? That’s how you kind of make it your own. So just remember, it’s not about the actual script, it’s about how you make it your own. So the best way to teach it to someone, it’s always about understanding who they are and getting them to understand that they need to make it their own in their own words, and then, then is when you practice over and over again and you become better at doing what they’re supposed to do.