Process vs Tactic – Which one is evergreen?

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Hey, Hey, Pyjama Bosses. And welcome back to pyjama bosses TV. In this episode, I’m going to share with you how you can create an endless amount of people to talk to for your network marketing business. Without continuously having to jump on to new social media platforms and learn new social media tactics, because let’s face it. If you want to create massive success, you want to create it through duplication. So if you want to know how, make sure you stick to the end of these episodes and I’m going to show you [inaudible]. So in today’s episode, I have something really juicy for you. In fact, this is probably the difference between somebody creating a six figure business and somebody continuously churning through different ideas and trialing and testing all these different new tactics and never getting the success that they’re looking for. So let’s face it for your network marketing business.

You need to learn a way of how you can continuously have enough people to talk to about your business, about your product, about your opportunity. And this is actually the step where most young metric marketers actually get tripped upon. This is where, you know, we have, we stumbled upon this is the very first big barrier that we have to come across. Now, today, I’m going to share with you how you can actually do that without continuously having to change tactics or jump into the new platforms or completely change what you’re doing. The reason I want to show you how to do that is because if you want to create long term success in network marketing, you want to do that through duplication, by creating leadership in your team and helping them to duplicate what you’re doing. Now, if you want to do that, it is actually a, not a great idea to continue changing tactics every single three, four months, five, six months, and jump onto new platforms and teach new strategies over and over and over to your team.

So this is the reason behind teaching this. And so in this episode, I really want to share with you, what is the kind of the evergreen timeless way of creating, you know, enough people for yourself and teaching that to your team so they can have enough people to talk to as well. So I’m going to be sharing our screen here, and we’re going to go into a couple of slides so that I can illustrate a few concepts that you first must understand. And then we’re going to talk about what you actually should be doing. Okay. So here we go. Let’s just share the screen here. And I’m going to talk a little bit about lead generation. Now, lead generation in network marketing is something that we talk about all the time. I’m sure if you’ve, you know, talked to one of your upline support leaders or listen to any of the trainers on social media, which, you know, do a lot of free trainings, probably you were listening to them because you want to know how to get more people to talk to for your network marketing business.

Now, this chart kind of quickly illustrates, you know, what you can do to get more people to talk to. We all start by getting free, you know, free leads, so to go, or we don’t have to pay for them. And we typically stock offline. We with different markets that we’re already connected to, such as the hot and the warm market people that we either know very well or that we know a little bit. And then we reconnect with them. We talk to referrals, we actually could offline go to different events and interest groups, and we could always follow the three foot drill. Now, also, you could create a lot of people for yourself online by not having to actually spend money without advertising. So to say, um, you know, that is video marketing, blogging, social media, outreach, attraction, marketing, and so on. And then of course on the whole other scheme of things, there’s paid lead generation mastery.

Now I’m not going to be talking at all about paid lead generation. That’s a topic for a whole other episode, and we can dive into some of your time. What I’m going to be doing today is I’m going to specifically be talking about free online lead generation for network marketing. And I’m going to specifically be talking about cold market. That is, you know, people that you don’t already know when you join your business. And therefore you’re going to have to go and create some relationships, some friendships, and specifically, I’m going to be focusing on the social media outreach. What I mean by social media outreach is you being able to access literally billions of people online sort of different types of social media platforms and different tactics of how you actually do that. So I don’t know how many of you remember this platform, but there was a platform once upon a time called Periscope.

It’s not actually that long ago. I think it’s four years ago. And I believe if I remember correctly, it was the very first social media platform where you could stream a video live that was before Facebook. It was before Instagram. And guess what? It was amazing because everybody started to understand that the connection of being live with the audience is really very, very valuable. Now, since then, there has been all sorts of different platforms, you know, that have created the same feature, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on and so on. And so then Periscope has kind of become obsolete. Not many people use it. I don’t even know how much actually people use it anymore, but certainly, you know, when Periscope first came around, a lot of network marketing trainers and network marketing leaders were jumping on the bandwagon of, you know, talking to people about Periscope and how important it is to be at the forefront and be the first wave of it because you can capitalize on the growth and all this.

And then the same thing happened with Snapchat. And then the same thing happened with take talk and so many other things. And then the stories came in, you know, from Snapchat, Instagram, adapter them. And then, you know, there’s all these tactics to stories and Instagram stories and Facebook stories, all these different strategies, right? As strategy tactics, right? There’s all these different, amazing ways how you can reach out through social media, connect with people you don’t already know, and then create relationships through each. You can then of course promote your products, company opportunity. And so on. Now, what I want you to understand is that if you’re always continuously changing that strategy, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for your team members to actually learn specific skills that they’re going to be building their team upon. What typically happens is that we confuse our team very much and a lot, and nobody actually ends up committing to the process of learning the skill and actually getting the right type of results.

So this is why to me, it is very important to understand that we should not be changing the whole time what we’re doing. So here is a concept that I want you to understand for you to be able to understand what I’m saying. Okay. I want you to understand the concept and the difference between process and tactic. So one of them is really timeless and the other one continuously evolves, you know, and what is really good for your network marketing lead generation and the other one’s kind of detrimental to duplication. So let’s talk about tactic first. So a tactic is all about what tools we’re going to use in terms of how we’re going to do something. So, you know, in terms of social media and network marketing lead generation, we could definitely use Facebook or Instagram, or I dunno, we could just text people through the phone or do something on zoom or, or use the, my duplicate software, right?

There’s so many different things. But one other important thing to understand is that you will need a process no matter which tactic you’re using. So the process is a set of steps is a set of consecutive steps. And if you want to understand what a process is, the right question to ask yourself is what steps should I take? In fact, the process is about what steps you should be taking versus the tactic is what tools should I use when I take those steps. Okay. And here’s the big aha moment. And I had this aha moment a few years ago when we refer as designing network marketing training systems. And I had the aha moment that a process is always the same set of steps. In fact, the network marketing prospecting and recruiting process actually hasn’t changed in the last, you know, over a hundred years that direct sales network marketing has existed.

It’s always the same set of steps. Um, it’s not these steps that you see here. This is just for the purpose of this example and showing what steps are research initiation and so on. So on, right? But instead of steps could be, you know, connecting with the prospect, creating relationship, you know, asking them for permission to share or inviting them to share and so on. And so on, right? That process is timeless. It never changes. In fact, it’s not going to be different in the next 50 years. What changes continuously is the tactic. You know, we could be doing this face to face three foot rule, you know, and that’s pretty much what was happening until 10 years ago, for 50 years or more in direct sales network marketing, or now there’s all different types of social media, outreach tactics, right? And they’re all amazing.

It’s not that one is better than the other. They’re all amazing. And they’re different lines of new ones that are coming out. What I want you to understand is that if you’re chasing after tactics, without learning the process, a set of steps that you need to take in a prospecting recruiting process, your new shiny tactics are going to be worthless. What you really need to understand is that if you learn the set of steps, if you understand the process, the prospecting process, you literally won’t have won’t need, would have the needs to learn. And out of tactic, you will literally be able to take the same process no matter what tactic you’ll be using. So for example, there’ll be a new social media platform that comes out in the next six months. You won’t need to go out and buy another course on the new platform because this is different.

And how do you do this? And so on. So on you simply are going to adopt the same steps you’ve been using on Facebook or Instagram, whatever you were familiar with and whatever you were doing really well. Now, I want you to remember that if you really want to create massive duplication, there’s two things about social media outreach tactics that you should remember when you’re thinking about teaching them to your team. Number one, don’t change it too often. I’m talking about years, you know, in kind of brackets of years windows. So if you’ve just taught your team exactly how to recruit on tick tock, or you’re using the tic to generate leads and lead generation for network marketing, and that’s what you taught your team. Let’s not change it for the next two years. Does that make sense? That’s also hope that the specific social media platform is around for the next little while, right?

So when you’re choosing to teach something to your team, make sure you choosing something that is going to be following the same process that you’ve always taken, make sure that you’re not going to be changing it for all. Make sure that that is going to be the only tactic that your team learns for quite a while, until they’re really experienced. And they really want to go higher and now they can learn a second tactic. You see your network marketing income. Doesn’t depend on how many tactics you can teach or how many tactics your team is doing. It’s not about throwing everything of the wall and all these different platforms. And just seeing what steaks, you know, who really makes a lot of money. It is the teams that have followed the same process of simple process, hopefully supported by some leveraged software, right? And they follow the same process and on the same platform for a long time.

And they got so good at it that everyone’s really clear. They take massive action. It always gives them results. It’s not how fancy your tactic is. And it’s not how, how much of the latest social media platform you’re using. That doesn’t matter. In fact, I know seven figure earners right now in network marketing, who is still teaching to generate most of the leads for their team offline. And that’s completely fine too, because guess what? In the end of the day, the process, the steps, what sequence of steps to take is going to always, it’s good to always create more success than you continuously changing the tactic, changing the platform. Oh my God. Now there’s a new social media. Oh, there’s a story tactic. Maybe I can do it like this. And post two stories here. And two stories there. See that is if you’re continuously doing that and changing that your team gets confused.

They never learn any scarce skills. And most importantly, they have not understood the underlying process, which is timeless in network marketing. See on any social media platform, it’s pretty much the same, the way we connect with someone. It doesn’t matter what buttons to click. I mean, that is a simple thing to use and adjust. So be really mindful. Um, if you’re somebody who really wants to grow your network marketing business, and you want to grow it in a sustainable way so that you can pass it onto your team and create massive duplication, and perhaps you even want to use a software to leverage your time and energy and money and the same with your team, then perhaps perhaps you need to revise exactly what you’re doing. And perhaps you really need to go into the depth of understanding. What’s the process, the underlying process, the steps underneath that you’re taking, because those are always the same in your timeless.

And so I think if you understand this concept, you’re going to be able to create massive success with your team. Now, if you’re someone who wants to go further and you really want to understand the concept behind the process that we teach in pyjama bosses and the software that we have created, and we help people use so that their lead generation is really in the 21st century. And it can actually be scaled as their network marketing business scales. Then perhaps you should go ahead and apply for a free strategy session with one of our coaches who can show you how it is really important that you have a process and then have a real software to be able to leverage your time, energy, and money with that in mind, go ahead and click on the link below. Schedule a free strategy session. If there’s any left, if you do get a scheduling software popup, then you’re in luck. Make sure you schedule on otherwise. I’m going to see you again in the next pyjama bosses TV episode. Bye for now having an amazing week ahead.