Network Marketing vs Online Marketing

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Hey, Hey, pyjama bosses. How are you doing well? One of the most common questions that I get every single week is Masa can’t. I just use some online marketing methods to be able to create more customers, more business builders and build my team faster. Well, in this episode of pyjama bosses TV, we covered the difference between the online marketing and network marketing and how we can play to each other’s differences and action take advantage of what we’re doing in network marketing. So stay tuned.

Welcome back. This is a brand new

Exit of your job losses to be in this brand new season, where we’re covering some of the most important concepts that you need to understand so that you can create duplication in your business. In fact, we cover some of the important things so that you can create massive momentum and actually create a business that is sustainable, predictable, and based on systems. And one of the first things that I want to cover is really the difference between network marketing and online marketing. A lot of you of course, are aware of the amazing advantages that both of these different types of types of marketing have and how you can actually take some of the tools and marketing strategies from online marketing to implement in your network marketing business. But guess what? These two strategies are absolutely different. And it is very important to understand that not everything from online marketing can be translated into network marketing, but that isn’t actually the bad news.

That is actually the good news. So stay tuned, make sure you watch till the end of this video so that you understand how powerful it actually can be to use the right online marketing methods in your network marketing business. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to share the screen and we’re going to do some drawings have so that you can understand some of the different concepts. So here is what I want you to understand. So let’s look at these two types of marketing, first of all, and how they simply function so that we then understand what is it that in network marketing, we can adapt from online marketing and make it stronger, more modern, and actually with regards to what is happening in the, in the whole world. So let’s have a look, first of all, in network marketing list, choose a green for the network marketing here in network marketing.

This is you. Okay. So what your pros do in network marketing is you create a relationship with a potential customer. So this is relationship, okay, relationship. And this is a really important part of network marketing that we cannot ignore. In fact, this is what is going to create your team stronger. It’s good to actually give it an insurance. So, you know, this is why we also call network marketing, sometimes relationship marketing. Once you have that existing relationship with a potential customer, you want to give them information and sure in today’s world, we can give information in so many different ways, especially now, you know, that we’re not always able to be face to face to our potential prospects and customers. It’s very important that we understand that there’s so many different ways to give information on line so we can stay at home. The customer can stay at home and we can still continue to do business.

Now, one of the favorite ways to do that is of course, through online funnels, I’m simply doing a graphic that represents an online funnel, and these are just pages going through each other. And this is an online funnel. After you have a potential customer prospect, where you have a relationship go through the information you then of course follow up sort through different objections and questions and close, and then you have a forced success, right? So you have a brand new customers in your business. So that’s network marketing. Now let’s have a look at online marketing, how that is different now in online marketing. This is you. We starting again. We do. Now, the first thing that you do is not create a relationship with somebody, but what you do is actually green traffic to the online information. So I’m going to just do this and say traffic. Um, and I’m going to talk about the traffic in a second, and then guess what, again, it goes to the information which most of the time, of course our online funnels, right? So I’m again, just for presenting these pages online pages that you have. And you know, the fact that you’re just drawing people into getting their information through the only funnels you then after people have been through this information quite often, you know, you are then creating a relationship with somebody and this then becomes

Success. So it’s really important to understand there’s a

Big difference in these two approaches. Now it’s so quickly about the traffic. You know, traffic online can be obviously generated through advertisement. This is paid traffic, or it can be from your email list, which, you know, email lists can also be created initially from online traffic. It could be attraction marketing, you know, uh, attraction marketing can be many other ways. So you could create traffic to your information, okay. From many different sources, but typically, and for the purpose of this example, we’re going to focus on advertising, no paid traffic, because I think this is increasingly becoming a big question for all network marketing leaders. You know, how can I quickly generate customers contagious, you know, create amazing ads and drive traffic so that they can see my information enhance, create lots of new customers. So that’s what we’re going to talk about. So these are both incredible ways of marketing.

And let me just say, we go on, I have had experience massive experiencing both network marketing, and now also online marketing. In fact, you watching this video because in way, shape or form, we attracted you to this information through online marketing. And we don’t necessarily have a relationship with you, but if you were to become our customer, right, this is where the relationship comes in later on. It’s quite likely that you will keep watching our information and later create a relationship with us. And therefore you will buy from us. Does that make sense? So I think the question now becomes, you know, it becomes currently just do online marketing and run our needs with marketing businesses like online marketing. Well, there is several advantages of both ways of marketing. And I think we need to be aware of it because there are certain things that network marketing can do.

And there’s certain things that online marketing can do. Now, if you are watching this video, because you’re part of a network marketing company, and you’re looking for ways to improve your results in network marketing, I’m going to dedicate this video specifically to you. I know that, you know, this is exactly what we teach, and I want you to understand from your perspective, now, if you’re in network marketing, well, what can I really use from online marketing and how is this useful to me? So the biggest difference that we have in online marketing from network marketing is that we keep creating customers, right? So we keep creating customers. So this is me and I keep, let’s say the purpose of this example, advertising, can I keep creating customers? Right? So these are all my customers and I keep creating customers for the purpose of this example.

Let’s say that I have 30 customers, right? So I’ve been able to attract people. They went through my funnel and a certain percentage of them became my customers. I say 30 of them. Okay. The biggest difference between online marketing and network marketing of course, is that by the time I have 30 customers here in network marketing, which I’ve done in a different way, by me creating a relationship with someone online or offline, then showing them the information and then closing them into buying something. But a time that then 30 customers, it is highly likely that some of them perhaps, I don’t know, three of them, or so might also be interested in creating a part I’m a full time counselor, what I’m doing. So, you know, that is the biggest difference in online marketing. Um, you know, in most cases, let’s just say that this, in most cases, when we’re selling a product such as your particular product in network marketing, we will not have people putting up their hands and saying, yes, I want to do that to enhance.

You will have more people. You will be leveraging doing the work over a number of people, whereas in network marketing, you do. And so guess what three of these people become just like you, right? And so you’re now having a lot more people. You’re having a lot more people. In fact, three more people, just like you doing the work, right. I’m trying to drill them. Okay. There’s three more people doing doors. So there’s now four of you. So there’s four people doing just as much as you. So let’s then imagine that four people are doing the work and let’s just backtrack the results in the same amount of time. You know, you first done 30 customers and three out of them also wanted to do business. And of course, let’s say that three out of the 30 wants to do some business and you at the same time, keep doing the same.

So there’s four of you. Four times 30 is 120. Let’s say all of you go to work. And in the equal amount of time, you now also after getting 30 customers have an additional hundred 20 customers, does that make sense? Now? Of course, that excludes all the repeat orders, which we might talk about in just a second now in online marketing, let’s talk about online marketing here. Let’s see a little, little bit here in online marketing. The only thing I can do is continue to acquire customers and these customers are not going to be helping me sell something, or I’m not going to have any, you know, any income incentive on people selling anything. Does that make sense? So that’s a huge difference because that is the only thing I can keep doing. So in the same amount of time, that’s just say, I go again, it’s just me again.

I’m going to get another 30 customers. We all understand that it’s pretty basic right. Network marketing, the biggest differences that we get a leverage on the people’s efforts that we’re recruiting to our network marketing organization. Typically, you know, we want at least 10 customers before we get one business builder in that’s kind of a really good ratio. So that’s the main thing. Now the question behind the question becomes, well, why can’t I advertise in network marketing, right? To get these customers and you know, a lot I’ll be much faster and I wouldn’t have to create the skill of creating a relationship. And then when I get these people will, then there’s four of us and we’ll go much faster. Cause we’re going to use advertising. That is the big question. And the big question becomes the big paradigm shift becomes really when you’re using advertising and network marketing to acquire customers, let’s say that this person says, Hmm, maybe I also want to do a business.

Now, a large majority of people who you are going to be able to recruit through this process of online marketing are not going to be able to duplicate what you’re doing. The reason for that is several things. Number one, it requires a much higher skill level in online marketing to go through this process. And we’re going to talk about that in a minute. Then it does a network marketing. It also requires dollars to be able to advertise. So advertising budgets. Okay. So we do not need any advertising budget here to great relationships. There are certainly many ways of creating free leads, so to save free relationships in network marketing. And so I think it really becomes very important to understand that the hurdle, you know, the hurdle here is too big to be able to duplicate it.


So, Yes, I mean, can you place an ad and get a ton of customers for your network marketing product? Sure. You can do that. The challenge with that even becomes that when you’re talking about conversions, okay. When you’re talking about, well, how many percentage, how much percentage wise here, how many percentage of people will actually become my customer from me sending, you know, sending them through the traffic and, you know, typically, um, let’s say a 5%, a 5%, um, conversion, let’s put the five on the other side, a 5% conversion of people going through the funnel, becoming your customer is pretty good. That’s actually a really good number. It’s typically a lot lower than that. And the challenge with that 5% becomes that if you’re consistently advertising, depending on the amount of product and how much the packages that they’re actually buying here, you may not actually be able to make this whole thing profitable.

Okay. So that is the challenge with advertising network marketing packages with paid advertising. It is usually the average, you know, percentage is 5% and because you’re not going to sell them other stuff because later you’re not going to sell them other stuff. This actually does not become a profitable exercise as a whole. It only becomes profitable when some of these people like they did up here right beside, Hey, guess what? I also want to do this as a business. So why don’t you teach me what you’re doing? And at this point, like I was saying this find, if you want to teach them the whole online marketing pathway, it requires a high amount of skill and it also requires dollars. And so it’s not duplicatable. And so that is a challenge, you know? So like I said, Neil and I have created multiple millions in network marketing.

We’ve also have a multiple seven figure business in online marketing right now, currently. So I understand these two forms of marketing and I love them both so much. And they both have so many advantages and so many things that we can focus on. So if you’re in network marketing right now, and you’re focusing on creating an income from network marketing, there’s certain things you need to know about online marketing that are not going to benefit you. And that is, I don’t personally believe placing an ad so far. Some customers in the long run is going to make you a six or a seven figure earner. Yes, you can certainly acquire some people. You can generate some leads, but in the end, you’re going to have to take these people and teach them the traditional way of creating free leads. Because guess what, not everyone has the ability to acquire so much skill before they start working or has the money to invest into advertising.

So then you’re breaking the duplication, you’re doing something that you’re not teaching. So that’s what I believe that we to have a new hybrid. And so for that, I think we need to open a whole new page then you guys agree. So for that, let’s just talk about a little bit of a hybrid method. So let’s talk about network marketing network marketing in 2020, right. Um, we’re going through a global pandemic. We’re faced with a situation where certainly we need to adapt as many online marketing methods to network marketing as we can, both for the purpose of being able to actually do the business, but also because of speed and implementation and automation. And so for the past six or seven years, we’ve gone, I have done nothing else, but really think about how we can create a hybrid way of marketing and how can we help network marketers do these better.

And for the purpose of, you know, really being able to still create duplication. And this is what I’m going to really, you know, I’m going to focus on like, my purpose is not to teach you acquire a thousand customers through online advertising. I know you can do that, but I want you to be able to focus on massive duplication, which in the long run gives you the leverage of having thousands of people in your organization and being able to have somewhat time freedom from the income that you have created. Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about that. So in network marketing in 2020, we want to still focus on creating duplication. This is what I think is happening right now. Number one, this is you, right? I still believe that you need to focus on relationship, relationship off creating relationships through online methods, but online methods, but free methods.

Okay. And especially free social media ways on social media that you can get in touch with people sort through them and identify those who are looking to change their life. So this is your potential prospect right here, right? This is your prospect. So you’re going to be creating relationship with her or with him, and you’re then going to be putting them through, you know, your beautiful online funnel and just creating a complex four page funnel here. Let’s just go say, as it goes like this, and so on, these are just webpages, right? So you’re going to be putting her your prospect through the online funnel, right. To give them information. So first of all, you have automated, you’ve automated the presenting parts of your business, right. You’ve also made sure that you can duplicate your presenting, you know, perfectly, which means that, you know, eventually when you now have, when you now have, you know, your new business builders, let’s just say you have another two business builders here.

They’re also going to be able to use similar online funnels. Okay. And we’ll go into that in second. So guess what, if you have an online funnel that automates your presenting and you’re able to give your team when they’re willing to start promoting a copy of that type of tool, which is actually connected to them in terms of receiving the contact details, they’re saving their own CRM system and so on. If you’re able to do that, then you’ve just, yes, what you have decreased, the amount of things that these people need to learn before they get results. And that is duplication really, that is super, super important for duplication. So, you know, so these people are going to be now, you know, looking for their own customers, their own prospects. So that’s really, really important. And then of course, when I, one thing that is, I think really, really important is that then after they have seen the presentation, we of course follow up and this can be actually done and I’ll just draw like this.

This can be done in kind of presenting, right? So it could be an online, online presenting. So it could be zoom or any kind of online webinar. And in this way of being able to sort through people who are already looking at this information, either for product, maybe even doing the business and then putting them through another hoop, which is an online presenting before you follow up with them personally, and actually collect their decision, right? So this gives you an again, this step here can be done by somebody very experienced. For example, if you have a team, you can be helping them in this particular step quite a bit so that you can help them answer questions or exactly present all the details or make sure that the prospects have already gone through the online funnels, receive the other type of information, which is important for them to make a decision before you go and follow up one-on-one and actually collect those decisions with this type of hybrid network marketing, you’re able to achieve two things.

Let’s choose a really pretty color for that. Um, two things. Okay. Number one, you’re focusing on creating duplication and that’s the most important thing. Everything here is duplicatable. That means if tomorrow you sign up somebody who’s never heard of network marketing, who has never heard of online marketing, who does not have any of the skills required to do this. They’re going to be able to do this with minimal skill. That means you can teach them the skill to run this business and run it with the systems that you have created with literally less than 20 minutes of teaching. That is the key. So number one, you’re able to create the application because it requires a low amount of skill, low amount of teaching for somebody to do. And number two, number two, I have circled here that, you know, guess what it does not require an income, right?

It does not require an additional, you know, additional income for you to run the business once you have actually started it. Okay. So that means you don’t have to be actually, for example, paying huge amounts of advertising dollars. Now, of course, we all know you’re going to have minimal fees to run the business such as, you know, buying your product, or actually maybe paying a website that you can maintain or having system that you’re working with. I’m talking about less than a hundred dollars a month. But when it goes to, you know, let’s say a few hundred to even thousands of dollars per month, right. To be able to actually go and run the business, a lot of people are not going to be able to do that. So it is important that that is not a requirement for everyone who wants to create an income.

So that is super, super important. So that’s what I think, you know, in network marketing in 2020, yes. We need to take advantages of the online marketing, because obviously it’s going to be a lot more efficient. It’s going to run a lot smoother. The number one key thing that I want you to remember is if you have systems, if you have systems that are going to make it easier for you that are online, right? Cause we want online systems. So we can stay home in our pyjamas and do our business from home. And you know, that this systems will be available also to anyone who potentially joins your team. So you don’t need to recreate the wheel so that you don’t have to teach them a lot of things. They can simply go and use it. Then you know that you’re going to have the application.

So I hope all this, um, you know, drawings and scribbles have been really useful to you. I hope that you understand that both niche marketing and online marketing are amazing and you need to, you know, play to each other’s strengths, especially if you’re trying to break a six bigger or a seven figure network marketing business. For me, the most important lesson that I have learned is that I want to create online systems that take advantage of the online niche, online marketing methods, but I still stick to one thing and that is creating and teaching how to create relationships to my team, because that can be the most duplicatable way as a whole to run our businesses in 2020. So I hope this really helps. I hope you can implement 2020 in 2020, if you’re somebody who’s looking right now to go to six or seven figures in network marketing, and you do not already have an online system that you’re using that is super duplicatable and allows your team to work online. But at the same time, doesn’t get them to advertise and do all sorts of other complex online marketing methods. Then make sure you go ahead and book a free strategy session with one of the pyjama bosses, coaches, who can I explain to you what we actually do and how we teach our students to successfully go and reach these to March. So we had nine go ahead and implement hope. You’ve had plenty of breakthroughs and I will see you in the next episode.