Why you don’t need ‘more leads’

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Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Pyjama bosses TV. In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about why you don’t need more leads for your business

And no leads for your businesses, because it depends on what you really want to achieve. You know, um, most of the time, what we have been taught right in, uh, in this profession is that, you know, if something goes wrong, the first thing that you need is more people to talk to. There is a numbers game. So by default, you need to do more numbers, right? And we always try to fix the front pains, you know, the, the, the beginning part of the business, you know, and the reason that I want to talk to you about, you know, that you might not, may not need more leads to kind of grow your business is because there is something called lubrication that we all know and talk about. Right. But not many people get to experience. Now, in order for you to get to experience duplication, you need to focus on things that actually are going to help that department.

Right. And the lead generation, you know, it has to do with duplication. Yes. But sometimes it’s not the, the, the thing that you want to fix first, if you know what I mean, so, and what I wanted to do today, if you allow me, you know, I want to share the screen with you, and I want to show you in a retial way, you know, I’m, most of you probably are visual learners, you know, I am, and that’s why I like my whiteboard. And I like, you know, uh, using kind of, uh, all this kind of, uh, drawings, again, I’m not a professional joy or anything like that. I try my best. Um, but to explain a little bit what I mean, when, when I said that at the beginning of this, uh, of this episode today that you don’t need more leads, you know, and bear with me because I think if you actually understand what I’m saying today, your business may be able to start changing or shifting in a very different direction.

Okay. Now, the reason that I’m sharing this with you today, easy again, because, you know, in the past month or two more or less, we’ve had a lot of clients come into us. And when we ask them this
question, you know, what is your biggest challenge? Most of them come up with the same answer. And the answer is that I just need more leads, or I need more people to talk to, you know? Um, then you ask them questions about the team, you know, is how is your actual team doing? And they’re like, yeah, why would you need more leads? Or why would you need more people to talk to? And they, they come up with answers like, you know, it’s just, my team is not working. They say they want to do it, but they don’t do it. I don’t know how to motivate them anymore.

Um, they’re not very committed to their results access. Don’t have the right people in the team. I need to find more people, you know, and yes, in some find some ways that is correct. And that is right. You know, again, um, what I’m about to explain to you is for you guys to think in a little bit of a different way, you know, we all know that when the way you think, you know, gets you a serious of actions into a series of actions, they create a specific result, you know, but if we think differently, then the actions that we might be taking will take us in a different direction. They will get us at different results. So today what I’m hoping to do is if it helps, you know, if not, you can, again, as you show, um, I don’t push this down anybody’s throat or I, again, but, um, if it helps, you know, this might be a way for you to think a little bit differently on how you’re running your business today.

And the fix is not always, you know, getting more leads. Okay. So without further ado, let me just go quickly and share the screen now. Um, now that I’m seeing this screen with you, um, here’s what we have right now. So we have, you know, a tab right here at the top, right? This is the top and we have a funnel. And again, the reason that I’m using the funnel and the tab and all this is because, you know, today’s, uh, social media kind of world is all about funnels and, uh, doing Facebook ads and funneling people through and doing all these things. So hopefully, you know, I speak in a little bit, your language, so you understand exactly what I’m trying to say. So this is what happens usually. So I talk to someone,

or I ask the question, what is your biggest challenge in the answer is that, you know, they just need more leads.

So here’s kind of the example. So if I was hearing this kind of visual representation, let’s say that you have a flow of water, right. And that flow of water is people coming into your business. Correct. And then the challenge is that people, and this is your business, right? And the challenge is people are coming here and they are disappearing on this end. You know, that brand new team member, you know, let’s put a team team member, right. Um, and the first instance, or the first reaction or response of that leader, you know, it’s usually to go here to the top in open-ended more, right. That means increasing the flow. All right. Uh, the flow of leads, right. Or people that come into the business or come into the funnel. Okay. I mean, through their funnels. So they funnel people through. Correct. So now you can put as many people as you want here.

You know, the challenge is for as long as you have these backend, that is, there is a hole and, you know, explain what I mean by whole people will, what will keep falling through the cracks? The members they have signed up that they say yes on day one. Right? Um, they are excited about it, but eventually as they come through your business, you know, eventually they get tired, they disappear. Um, they get confused or which for whatever reason, they lose their enthusiasm and they don’t do anything. And this up here. Right. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you now, what I’m trying to illustrate today is this, what if, you know, instead of focusing on increasing the flow of leads, instead of doing that, okay. The first thing that you do okay. Is to fix what sometimes call in, in marketing the backend, you know, how do you fix the backend?

Well, the backend in this example of this funnel would be to put some kind of top or some kind of bottom here. So people that come in don’t follow through, you know, they stay active in the business. Does that make sense so far? I hope it does. You know, again, the concept is super simple, right? Anybody understands that. Now the question is, how do you do that? Right? Because again, when you talk about funnel, you know, they were funnel, obviously, as you guys understand, this is a kind of a pipe, the, the, I guess the dictionary, maybe I should, I should look and, and explain that. But it’s, it’s a pie that has a, a top that is wider than the bottom, but it’s still a pie. And the pie, what it does is funneling things through or guiding things through, or, or liquid or whatever it is, right.

In this case. Now, instead of doing that and using a funnel, why don’t you use something, maybe you can put a bucket here, right. To collect everything that you’re doing and that collect or put in the, you know, the bottom part to this funnel and put a cap in there. So nobody kind of falls through the cracks is coal coaching. So what if, you know, instead of focusing first on increasing the lead flow or the amount of people that you put through your funnels, or the amount of people that you put through your business, or the things that you do, you are focusing first on, what is it that you are doing when people come into your business? The coaching part, because again, have you ever wonder why somebody that comes into your business in the first instance, you know, they are, how are their, you know, it’s like the same as you.

They are, you know, excited, you know, they have energy, they have dreams, right. And somewhere along the line between this part, when they start their business and this part where they follow, they follow their business. Right. Um, they lose their enthusiasm, they lose their excitement, their energy, and they feel like they go from understanding or feeling that they can do this business to, Oh my God. I don’t know if I can do this. Right. And that has nothing to do with telling them to talk to more people or increasing, you know, the amount of people they talk to it’s about coaching them, educating them and giving them something that is simple, you know, they can see themselves doing so they have that epiphany it, Oh my God, it, Miguel, the harvest speaks English can do this business. So can I, and I can do it even better than him because I speak better than him.

You know, I am better than Miguel. Right. That’s why you want people to think instead of, Oh my God. I don’t know. You know, all the details about the compensation plan. I don’t know, maybe just about the product and until I do, I don’t know what I’m going to do or coming into the business and not knowing what the first, first steps are going to be. So again, my question to you is what if the first thing that you do is today is focus first on what is it that I’m doing with every single person? You know, they can send to my business today, you know, what kind of processes, you know, what kind of processes do I have, you know, here in this part, which is the coaching part, you know, to keep people in, again, if you don’t have anything, right? Which is, again, your focus always on the front end and the front end, I’m talking about front end, I’m talking about this.

You can, you can open the tab even more. And people will still be falling through because there’s nothing to pick up all these people. And when I say pick up all these people, I mean, to teach them what to do. Okay. And we are in a business called network. Marketing is not online. Marketing is network marketing. And if you’re doing online is network marketing online, but it’s, again, network, you are creating a network of distribution. That means a lot of people doing simple things. Okay. So what if you do that first, and then here’s what happens? Let me just go in, erase all this. Once you’ve done all that, take all this out, this layer. Perfect. And let’s say, you know, that you have been able to fix, you know, your funnel, right? Or let’s say your coaching part. And now you understand, and you have very clear process.

Okay? When people come in, you have steps, you know, as many steps as you need one to 10, maybe, or one to a hundred, and people know exactly what they’re doing as they come into the business. Now here’s the next step? What are you going to be teaching them here? Right? Is again, go and talk to people and the way they talk to people, how they do everything. And it has to be again simple. Okay. Now here’s the next challenge. Now, at this point, once you have done this first, okay. And that is done. Now you can go back and increase the flow. Does that make any sense and increase the flow? That means more people that you talk to, more people that you teach these brand new team members to talk to, and this will be the thing that will increase the flow. They will come into the business or the farmer in this case right now, as that happens, guess what’s happened.

Well, what is going to happen here? And again, I’m going to go and change the collar here a little bit again. Uh, let me see. I put an orange here. So what happens next is, as people are coming in here, right? People are coming into your business cause you increased the flow of people coming in and the leads and people to talk to and everything, having a very clear process on what are you going to do with people when people come in, right? You already have fixed this part. Let’s say that this is done. Now, the next challenge is going to be the following your business. In this case, this funnel eventually is going to be filled up. So eventually this funnel is going to be smaller. It’s going to be small for the amount of people that come in. That means your business. You will need to think about making a bigger infrastructure for your business.

That means that you will start to think about extra processes on how to scale that business. Now, the scaling could be anything from going from country to country languages, different languages, uh, how to build more different levels of leadership, you know, and it could be so many other things, but the first thing that we fixed and everything was possible, that the way you were able to, again, scale that business and make a bigger, you know, quote unquote funnel, right. And increase that flow first was because you first focus on this part. The part that is not so pretty, maybe that is the thing that people don’t want to focus on because it doesn’t give you results straight away maybe. But once you have fixed days, it’s like the foundation of your business in that again, then you can focus on the rest. And again, eventually what happens is they’re gonna, you’re gonna come back here and fix it again and then come back and then increase the flow and then come back at the bottom and fix it.

Okay. So I hope you guys understand what I was, what I’m trying to say here with, with all the kind of drawings and everything. So bottom line, okay. It’s something is not happening in your business. The answer is not always more leads or more people to talk to. Sometimes the answer is to have a look. When you bring somebody in your business, what processes do you have to help that brand new person that is excited. They really wants to do something with the business, with you, and to help them to actually get results. Because if you’re able to do that with one person, then you can do that with the next person. And if you can do that with a few people in a row, that means that you can have a process. And when you put that process in, that means that these people will stick longer into your business.

They will get resolved by default. They will go and talk to more. People will increase the leads and people that are coming into your business. And then what you need to think is about how can I increase or expand the infrastructure that I have, which is scaling your business. That means thinking about, again, as I was saying, countries, languages, I’m building a next, the next level of leadership, which is the challenges of dealing with people on a daily basis, how to work on their mindset, how to work on someone else’s mindset and how to duplicate all that. Okay. I hope that makes sense, guys, on today’s episode, again, there is no reason sometimes where we need first more leads. Maybe there’s something that you can fix first, and then you can go back into increasing the number of leads without say it again. I hope you guys having an amazing day. Hope you enjoy these demos this episode today, again, as you show, make sure that you come and below whatever comments you have, uh, any questions or anything that we can do always to help. And in the meantime, have an amazing week. And we’ll see you guys in the next episode,