Why You Need To Engage New Members

Why you need to engage new members? This is a very interesting topic. The reason I’m saying it’s an interesting topic is because Masa and I have certainly gone through many trial and errors on the importance of what to do with brand new members. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the situation where you are doing a lot of work, you feel like it’s not an easy thing to do to talk to somebody, find out their dream, inviting them to have a look at your opportunity, and then following up, answering their objections, and getting them signed up. By the time you are already done with that process it was like, I don’t want to scare them and them stopping in going through the sign up, so I may as well not say anything to them.

We certainly have, that’s what we used to do at the beginning. It was so hard to sponsor someone, it felt like it was so much work. We would sign up someone and then quietly we’d send them home and say, “Hey, you’re gonna get the products in the next five days. Just go home, relax, and once you get the products and you try them let us know how you go.” Then we would be home waiting and hoping that they would like the products and they would see an opportunity for them to do something.

Have you been there before? Yeah. That’s what we did at the beginning. Then we thought, “Okay, nothing is happening after they get the products, and we really want to have leaders in our team. We want a fast paced business, so we may as well do something.” By the time they sign up we teach them something, and we give them information on what to do in their business.

So we went from that to, after doing all that work, to start telling them about the compensation plan, the money they can make, and how they need to know about the ingredients of the products, and giving them way too much information.

The reason why it’s so important to engage the brand new member is because it’s not about giving them nothing and sending them home, and it’s not about giving them a lot of information, and giving them a whole list of things to do. It’s about understanding, in the first hour in their business, in the first 24 hours are the key for them to be successful in your business, to engage in your business. If you don’t engage somebody in the first hour, in the first 24 hours in your business, chances are that they will be out within a week.

The way you engage them is understanding that in the first hour in their business, the most important for them are two things. First, for them to take action. To actually go and talk to people and tell them about the opportunity, that’s one thing. And the second thing is to vaccinate them against quitting. Which is, educating their expectations about how hard or how “easy”, or simple the business is. As we all know, it’s not an easy business. A simple business.

And after that, in the first 24 hours, to know that they need to get back to you. You need to reconvene, or you need to meet up again, whether it’s online or physically, to actually give them the next course of action. That’s gonna be a day to day, step by step process they need to understand they need to follow.

Why it’s so important is because if you don’t do that, as I said before, chances are that within a week most of the time, they will feel disappointed and they will disappear from your business. We never want that, so make sure that you engage the brand new member the right way. You get them into action, and you will see how the results in your business go through the roof.