The 3 Pivots In Network Marketing

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Hey, Hey, Hey, pyjama boss says welcome back to the job. The CD. In this episode, I’m about to share with you the three pivots that we all need to be making within our businesses to stay current and continue to produce results. So let’s have a look, Hey there. And welcome back for another episode. The pyjama bosses TV. In this episode, I want to have a close and personal conversation with you in terms of how network marketing is changing. It is no news to anyone that the world has almost entirely transformed in the last 12 months. And guess what? Not only that it’s almost happened as if it was happening overnight, literally in front of our eyes, everything is changing. So the way we do our business has to evolve and has to change. And in this episode, I want to share with you the three different areas, how you can pivot really successfully within the strategy that you’re taking your network marketing businesses so that you can create more results.

So let’s have a look. I’m going to share my screen right here. I’m going to get started. So we’re going to talk about the three different pivots that you need to be making in your business right now. The first one is all to do with your message. Message is such an important thing. You know, it’s everything when we’re prospecting and recruiting. In fact, when we talk about network marketing, marketing, part of the business is really the prospecting and recruiting. And this is where your message is of the core importance. So what is your message? What it is definitely what you say to your prospects, but it’s more about what is the subliminal message behind what you’re saying to your prospects? So just six months ago, truly, we didn’t really have a different way of prospecting probably for the previous few years, but as the world has transformed through this pandemic, and many things have been happening, we really need to enter the prospects conversation and meet them where they’re at.

And so we need there to call them, enter the conversation that’s already going on in their head. And the conversation has absolutely changed. Now I’m talking about the conversation that the prospect is actually having with themselves. And the conversation they’re having right now is unfortunately very different to what it was six months ago. Many people are right now struggling to keep their jobs. Many people are struggling to know what their future will be. It’s extremely uncertain. So all these question marks in their head. It actually needs to reflect on how we actually approached our, our prospects and what is the message that we give them. So if somebody is for example, or any, you know, wondering what is my future going to look like? So they have this sense of uncertainty, and they’re obviously scrambling to know whether they have a job where they’ve just recently lost their job.

And they’re looking for a way to create an income. Then this is where you want to meet them. And so it’s not about, you know, how you want to improve your lifestyle and how you want to create a residual stream of income. Those messages were all kind of timeless and it worked six months ago, but right now there’s all this like an urgent message. Um, if you want to have, you know, a similar way of looking at it, and this has nothing to do by the way, with the, with the actual products and the type of services that you may be distributing in your network marketing business. But what we were doing six months ago is more like giving a vitamin to people, meaning we were improving their life and preventing what may happen. But as the world has transformed, there’s become an urgency around actually giving a solution to people.

So our message needs to actually reflect eight, something like a painkiller and actual solution to the challenge they’re having right now, if they’re having a headache, they’re looking for a painkiller painkiller. So think about that. Um, synonym in house, you’re actually approaching your prospects right now. I use still using the same language that you use a year ago because that same language is not actually entering the conversation that your prospect is having in their head and therefore, you know, the message has to change and the message changes. And you know, the one thing that is really important is about having the urgency, you know, or urgency around understanding where the prospects are at, you know, understanding what type of struggles they’re going through and actually giving them an urgent pointer and their just solution. So it’s not about, you know, turning into salespeople, sales women, or sales man, and just saying, Hey, I know you’re struggling for money and I have a solution and here’s the business.

No, no, we don’t want to do that. We still want to make sure that our relationship is at the forefront of actually what we’re doing with the prospect. And we want to do the right thing for them because I truly believe if you always think longterm, you’re going to have the best result longterm. Right. That just makes sense. So at the same time, you need to have an urgency around how you talk to them. And it’s not just saying, look, I’m a real hairy, I’m sponsoring a lot of people, this business businesses booming and all of that. That’s a great message six months ago, right now, the message may be, you know, in the next month, I want to help another 10 people to transition from, you know, perhaps working in their job to now working at home, or perhaps replacing the income that they’ve lost to working from home.

You know, there has to be an urgent message off around what is this business actually going to do for them that needs them in the conversation that’s in your hand. So a message of urgency. We talked about the currency, you know, being really current, right? The message needs to be really current in terms of what’s already happening in their head. And what really needs to reflect is that you have a longterm longterm solution. Now, why is this really important? Just think for a second, all of our prospects are going through an amazing, an amazing of uncertainty and completely, you know, so many changes, so many transformations. So you want to make sure that the message you’re having and the way you’re approaching people, show stability and longevity. And the reason for that is you’re going to give actual confidence to the person that you’re approaching.

If you have messages of longevity and stability, that this is actually something that is going to be their pillar, you know, in this uncertain world that they’re living. So it’s really important to understand that urgency currency. And of course we want to also have the longevity, that stability message for the people as well. Now that’s number one. So the way you’re talking to people, the way you’re approaching them, what you’re saying, them, the actual message has not changed. And if you’re still using the same words you’re using a year ago, you’re not outdated. And most probably people are not really following you. So that’s number one. Number two is your inception. So the inception, I’m going to explain what that is. Inception is the actual process where a prospect is going through the either onboarding process or the actual know information process of receiving information from you about the company, the products, the services, the business, and through this process of receiving the information, they may have an inception and inception is just basically create an idea or belief.

Um, and it’s really, I just take that name from the movie inception, which was really about inserting ideas into people’s minds, without them realizing it. And so, you know, the inception, the way we incept ideas into people’s minds has completely changed. So, you know, a long time ago when we were still prosecuting and I’m going back, you know, 15 years ago, that may or may not be a long time for you depending how long you’ve been in network marketing. But that’s when we started in network marketing profession. And 15 years ago, you know, the inception of saying something to people like, don’t worry, there’s a proven step by step system. You can follow and we’re going to help you be there all the time. So just, you know, you just need to be teachable, willing to take action and have the ambition to achieve. That is a message that is 15 years old or that at least 15 years ago absolutely work.

Now, what has worked a year ago is absolutely different. And now what’s working right now has completely changed in the last six months again. So why do we even want to create the exception inception? It is actually the core of duplication. So let’s write that down. It’s actually the core of duplication. So if you can, you can get a prospect to have an inception of the idea that they can do this business through the process of sharing information with them. That is the first step of you creating duplication, because in the end, it’s not about signing them up. It’s actually about them believing that they can do it so that they take action. So how do we create this inception in the modern time, in, in this very uncertain time that we’re going through? I believe the best way to create an inception is to actually show them the process and immerse them in the process.

So without you saying, Hey, don’t worry. We have a system. We have technology. Oh yeah. W we work on social media, do you want to make money on Instagram? Those messages maybe work six months ago, but right now people are looking for certainty, longevity, stability, and you need much more than just words. In fact, what you need to do is you need to immerse people in, into a process, you know, step by step. You need to just get them to follow a process when they’re first looking at the information. And, you know, there’s several ways of doing that. We certainly teach our students at tens of thousands of our students of doing that with our, my duplicator software that has specific tools like online marketing funnels, uh, context management system, and many things. And what happens is that the prospect experiences, you know, the information, giving the followup, that everything from the actual technology, as well as you’re doing it.

So the inception then becomes that they can do this because they actually see the process and the system in action. And I think that’s really important. So if you’re not creating inceptions for people in the modern way, in the new way, I also think you may have challenges in the future. So that’s really, really important. Now, number three is then of course, events, events, events, events, you know, um, this is really something so important. We really have to remember that for now. We need to make sure that we have absolutely two ways, two parallel ways of being able to present of being able to get our prospects and our team members to experience the business. So I’m drawing these two weekly lines, which are meant to represent parallel ways of doing things. Obviously there could be an online way and, you know, hopefully we can still rely on offline ways, but I certainly right now would not just have offline events.

And Miguel and I are the first class that until six months ago, insisted that the summer there is some type of an offline event in the Ascension letter of your event structure. Now that’s a big word. I’m just going to draw it in here. This is the actual staircase, the ladder of events, you know, and, you know, six months ago, I would have said one of these events right here, five or six steps. So events, if nothing else, the company convention here on a yearly basis needs to be offline. You know, offline demands are so, so important and they build certain stickability in business. So times of changing, in fact, they’ve almost changed like overnight. And so you need to have a specific online and offline ladder of Ascension of your events. Now, I know you understand that. I know you’re probably using zoom night and day you’re using it, but the key here becomes is how can you do it effectively?

How many events should you have and how do you drive momentum from one event to the other? For example, you know, the pillars of our businesses are the monthly training events where we actually create momentum and we drive momentum from one event to the other, how are you doing this right now in the current situation is extremely important. So, you know, not just basically turning up on zoom, but how are you making sure that the new prospects and new team members everyone’s engaging and building towards those events and actually paying attention to those events? You know, getting people to events is one thing, and this is the skill of getting somebody to an online or offline event. It’s pretty similar, but the skill of engaging someone in an online versus an offline event, it is so different. So you need to have novel ideas of how you do that.

You know, obviously you can use technology, but at the same time, you need to have tools and training and coaching tools available. So that as you are going through the online event, people can fall back and actually see it on their own screen so they can actually test it and so on. So I think it’s really important that you have some fullback mechanism of automation as well. So I’m just going to put it there, automation as well, so really, really important. So these are the three major pivots. Obviously you have to have an online structure of events. I think the way you actually show people that this business works and give them an inception has to be completely different. And most importantly, what I started with your message has to be completely different now for Miguel and I, um, we’ve been doing this, I mean, network marketing for the last 15 or so years.

And for the last, probably more than 10 years, what we’ve really focused ourselves on is, you know, the science of creating behavior in network marketing, the sinus of getting people to do stuff. One of the most common challenges that we all have is not getting people to do enact stuff, right? How can I get my team to take more action? How could I just get, you know, my two team members to prospect a little more, right? Have you ever felt like that? And when I think about these three pivots, what I’ve talked about today, it is exactly, and it starts with a prospect. It is exactly designed so that your team engages more and takes more action in the sense that is the pillar off the one and only duplication right here, duplication is the core of everything. And if we don’t have it in mind, when we’re thinking of how to do things in our network, marketing business, then things just won’t work.

So with that in mind, I hope you have a lot of value from this. And what I really suggest is you go ahead and implement some of these things right now in your business, you know, watching the videos. Great. Um, maybe you’re entertained, maybe inspired, motivated, but what really matters is that you implement something and you change something the way you do it. So that’s what I invite you to do today. So that’s everything for today. I hope you really enjoyed it. I will see you again for the next pajama bosses episodes. Now, a lot of people ask me, how do I actually find out what you actually teach right now? Well, if you don’t already know, we have a program it’s called six figure circle. And below this video, there should be a link, a button where you can click and actually watch a free demo video of what we teach in, how we do it and how we use software and technology for what animation so that our students are still throughout this amazingly insecure time in certain time getting the best results ever. So hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you again for the next video.