When we started in network marketing about 10 years ago, we were so keen to build an international team.

What we had not realised is that this is sometimes challenging, costly and requires plenty of experience. Needless to stay – we have made many mistakes before we finally learned what is the correct and PROFITABLE way to build a large international team!

In today’s BLOG video, we share the exact step-by step way to build a team outside your city or local area or even when you build overseas.

Learn from our mistakes and get all the benefits form having a network marketing business that pays you in the different time-zones – most often when you sleep as well!

If get value from what you learn, feel free to share it with anyone you think will benefit from it! Also, drop as a comment below if you found this video helpful to you and tell us what you learned from it today!

Masa & Miguel
Pyjama Bosses

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