The Anatomy of Building a 6-Figure Business in 12 Months

One of the most common questions we get is:

“How do I create 6 figures a year in my network marketing business?”

This is why I really wanted to share with you the 3 pieces of advice with regards to the “real life” anatomy of building a 6-Figure network marketing business in 12 months.

Earning 6 Figures per year in network marketing represents a significant mile-stone and it is a significant achievement and we certainly did not accomplish this in our first year in this industry as “newbies”. But when we started with our current company in 2007, we had already developed some skills and within 9 months of signing up, we had surpassed this goal.

Watch this video and learn three important pieces of advice that we wish we had received when we first signed up in the business almost 10 years ago!

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