Pyjama Bosses TV-Episode 8

Hey, Pyjama Bosses. How are you guys doing today? I hope you’re having an amazing day wherever you are around the world. And today I do apologise, we’ve been pretty busy this week. But I didn’t want this week to go by without talking to you and sending you a quick message.

And today, the message is about protecting your beliefs. So today’s episode is about protecting your belief.

So, now what is that thing about protecting your beliefs? Why today? And what is that all about? So first of all, you know the first thing is I’m not gonna tell how to protect your belief because I believe that is a little bit … it would be a little bit, how can I put it? Presumptuous, or you know, arrogant maybe, I don’t know what the right word would be. Because I think every single person need to find a way to achieve that result, which is protecting that belief.

Now, what do you mean by belief me, well I mean, you know when you start in this profession, this amazing profession of network marketing, or in anything in life really, you have some hope to achieve certain results, right? And what happens most of the time is like when you get excited, we start doing things towards that goal, and you know, something always happens. You know? Have you ever felt like that? Like you’re gaining a little bit of momentum, something is happening, everything is good, and suddenly boom. Something happens. And it’s like, “Oh, okay. Now I see it. You know? I’m just not probably meant to have success. You know?”, in your subconscious kind of mind is kinda looking for all this reasons why something is not going to happen. Although you, have this kind of really desire. You know, big desire to achieve something, to change your life, to do something different, right?

And you get excited about it, and you think it’s possible then something happens in the outside that confirms what we have sometimes very deep, you know, in our subconscious, in our kind of core beliefs, which is the things that we hear most of the time. And we kind of believe or think, which is I’m not good enough, right? So when I feel sometimes that I’m not good enough, anything that I look in the outside is to basically, you know, say you know what? You’re right. You know, you might not be good enough. And it’s not entirely true, you know? Obviously you know, it’s that this life, you know, is a never ending improvement, you always need to get better at everything you do, right? Yes? We agree on that.

It’s something like, you know, like … do you guys remember Jim [Ro-ong], right? Don’t wish for your life to get easier, wish for you to have more skills, right? And this what I’m … the whole protecting your belief is about, you know? In the past month or so, Masa and I have been very much challenged with things that happen in life, as you know, things are getting better and we are doing better, and everything seems to gain some momentum. Something always happens that makes you wonder and question whether 

you are doing the right thing at the right time, and so on, right? And have you … I don’t know if you guys have felt sometimes like that.

So in terms of protecting your belief, what Masa and I do, and you know, again, what I’m saying is what we do. So hopefully this helps you to protect your belief, to say to yourself, “You know what? I wanna do this business and no matter what happens, you know, I’m going to make sure that I’m in this bubble where that says, you know, anything is possible, and I can do this, you know? And I know that I can, and no matter what happens”.

So what Masa and I do when things like this happen, first of all, number one, you sit in a corner, you do whatever you need to do. In our case, I vent everything, you know? I curse, I do everything. Sometimes I have some pillows and some cushions, and in my case I just hit the cushions and I take all the energy out, all the bad energy until I basically have no energy, I’m completely flat. I take a deep breath, and now, I sit down and Masa and I talk.

And the reason with do that is because you can’t pretend that always being positive is the thing. You know? Sometimes you have to let go of things, and you can do it in whichever way. Maybe sometimes it’s just, I don’t know. I don’t know maybe you go for a run, you know? Sometimes I go for a run. It depends on the moment. But the first thing is to kind of vent out and find somebody maybe you can talk to afterwards, right?

And the second thing … So first, vent out. Take it out of the system, you know? It’s not good when you keep it inside. So that’s the first thing. Obviously, don’t do carry stuff and don’t hurt yourself, you know? Sometimes I think I hit the cushion sometimes a little bit harder than usual. But that’s just my thing, you know? When you have a lot. But first of all, what we do is like you vent out, whichever way, just talking or whatever thing you’re doing.

The second thing then, you sit down. Take a deep breath, or I take a deep breath, and Masa does the same, and we talk. And when we sit down to talk, it’s not about how things are not possible, it is all about, okay well, if this is the … if these are things that are happening, the question always is how can you and I, you know that’s Masa and I, how you and I can actually achieve this goal no matter what happens? For example, let’s say that you have a team of a hundred people just for argument’s sake, and, I don’t know, three, four or 40 of them decide to, I don’t know, to change companies, or they decide that they don’t wanna work with you anymore, or the company changes the compensation plan, or they discontinue some products, or the company basically run out of products and they can’t deliver the products that they promised they were going to deliver to the customers or whoever it is, right? Something happens.

So that’s the reality of what it is, right? And you probably have heard this, it’s not what happens, it’s what you do with what happens. So what Masa and I always come from the point of, okay well, something is going to happen and no matter what it is, we need to 

find a way to play that game, you know? If you’re going to play the game of network marketing right, if you’re be that leader, if you really wanna achieve the results, no matter what happens in the outside, no matter whether you have a hundred leaders, whether you have two leaders, no matter what you have, the first thing that Masa and I do always is we take this finger, and we point it at ourselves. And we say, “How can I change how I feel and what I do to achieve the results that I need to achieve?”, okay? Hopefully you guys are a little bit following what I’m saying. Because nothing is gonna go as you planned.

As you probably know by now, you probably will have some experience in life and you know that when you started this business, everything was like, “Yay, I can do this, I’m gonna be a millionaire, or I can make ten thousand dollars a month”, and probably some of you are still working on getting there, right?

And it’s not because you’re not good enough, you know? I think sometimes that is the thing, you know? Anything that happens around you is gonna challenge you, and the bigger the goal you have, the bigger the challenge, you know? We had clients, for example … you know, as an example that they invest some money on themselves to do a programme with us, right? And again, as they’re doing that, it’s interesting that the week after they invest that money some of them, the have, you know, and again, it’s interesting because they never had an accident or they never … nothing happened to them and some happens in their life that makes them question whether they invested the money in right thing, now maybe they need the money obviously to fix the car, or to pay that bill or to do something.

Something that had never happened before, and suddenly that happens, you know? And again, is that the confirmation that maybe you shouldn’t have spend that money, right? Or maybe you’re trying to do this business and something happens that tells you, hey, I invested this time, you know I have been two years in this business, and things haven’t happened yet, not just that. Have I invested my time in the right thing, right? Is this business going to work for me? The answer is yes. Definitely is gonna work for you, but you need to protect that belief.

And the way you protect that belief is always thinking that you are capable of doing that. That you are good enough and the rest, it doesn’t really matter whether people joined you today or in two months from today. Whether you have a hundred team members right now, or you have only one. It doesn’t really matter because everything starts and ends with you. If you have the belief, if you protect it, and you actually then go and talk to your team, and to every single person you come in contact with, and they feel like your belief is something that is right there, that nothing every is going to change that belief, they will follow you.

And that is the thing that Masa and I, when we sit down, is because something is questioning our beliefs. Are we doing the right thing? Are we doing it in the right time, you know? Should we continue? Should we stop? You know, we always have these 

questions and maybe you have the same, you know? Should I quit? Should I change companies? What should I do? Right? And the question is never about that, the question is never about running away. You need to face it forward, you need to put that challenge that you have in front of you in your face, and say “You know what? This is part of the journey, it’s a temporary inconvenience”.

So number three, you know? First, vent. Second, have a chat with yourself and say, “How can I achieve that goal despite of all these challenges that I have? Because always … I’m always gonna have a challenge, no matter what, right? Whether my business is this big, or is this big, it doesn’t really matter. I’m gonna have that challenge”, okay? And number three, just remember, no matter what happens in the outside, you’re gonna achieve that goal no matter what. So you are always the constants.

And when you are the constant, that means that you are in control of what happens to you. That means that no matter what happens in the outside, you’re gonna keep going. And when you keep going, something is going to happen eventually. So what you have, the challenge that you have, number three, this is what you say to yourself, “This is just a temporary inconvenience”. If you have a full-time job, and that job you believe is the thing that is stopping you from achieving that, just say to yourself, “It’s just a temporary inconvenience”, but then rephrase all that. How can I get the results that are gonna give me the income so I can get out of this job as soon as possible if that is what I want to do? So hopefully you guys can follow a little bit about that. You know, the protecting your belief.

Something is always going to challenge you, and here’s the news for you, by the way. No matter whether you are at a hundred thousand dollars a year, or fifty thousand a year, a million dollars a year, three million dollars a year, you’re always gonna have a challenge. The bigger the income, the bigger the team, the bigger the challenge. So what you’re really doing today, you’re learning to be resourceful, and overcoming challenges.

And also, the third thing and most important, you are learning to protect your belief no matter what happens in the outside. And again, as I said to you today, I’m in the car here, and I’m not in the studio, I’m not writing things on the board or anything, something that I always like, kind of showing you guys. But today I think is more about what we have in here in between these two ears, right? That sometimes it’s really the thing that is stopping us. It’s not the howtos, it’s what we believe.

And sometimes because of what we believe deep, deep, deeply inside us, you know? Deeply inside here, we are looking for signs for outside to basically say, “You know what? I think my core belief was right. I am not good enough, I don’t think this thing is gonna work. It’s okay for others, I think it’s … that is good for so and so that I recognise on stage, or I don’t know. This is good for these other people that I see on Facebook in the world that look that are doing so well, but I guess I’m not good enough, you know?”, and here’s the thing again.

And I’m gonna leave you with this. Every single one of you that is watching this video, you are definitely good enough. You are good enough if you have a dream, you are good enough if you’re willing to learn, if you’re humble enough to learn what you don’t know. And you’re good enough if you are willing after you learn what you need to learn to put it into action, okay? You are good enough. Speed of implementation is the thing that will get you out of where you are today, you know? Whether if it’s at a million dollars a year, or two million dollars, or two thousand dollars a fortnight, it doesn’t really matter, you know? To get to higher levels, you’re gonna have to challenge yourself and something is not gonna go right. And you need to be ready? And you need to say to yourself, “That is the lesson that I need to learn, is a temporary inconvenience, if it’s something not going your way and lemme see how I can actually get to it, despite of all these challenges that I’m gonna have around me”.

And then you put your head down, you go to work … And by the way, always if you have someone that you can be mentored by, that you can follow, that can actually show you the way better than doing it yourself, it’s always to good to surround yourself with people that know more, that do more, because that is the thing that always will propel faster to achieve your goals.

So this it for today, guys. Pyjama Bosses around the world, this is Miguel [inaudible] from Australia, and you know, always, always, just remember you are good enough, and in the mean time, have an amazing week, an amazing month of November, we are very close to Christmas. And you’re still on time to have the best Christmas you’ve every had. You just need to put your head down, protect your belief, go to work, and you still have time. Remember, the end of the year is not here yet, don’t plan for next year yet, just plan for the end of this one to finish really, really strong and you will see how next year is gonna get even better. In the meantime, have an amazing day, and talk to you soon. Bye.