3 Errors When Picking a Mentor

I am sure it comes as no news to you that having a mentor for your network marketing business is important.

The mentor is our daily mirror, our source of knowledge, ideas and accountability.

Are there specific traits that a network marketing met or MUST have for you to be successful? What are those specific traits? And what errors in judgement do we commonly make when we just blindly accept someone to be our mentor?

This video will share some common mistakes that you should avoid and therefore give you a guideline who your mentor should be! This will make your success journey faster and less painful…!

In today’s video blog I discuss the 3 major errors in judgement we most commonly make when picking a mentor. Watch the video and learn what is an ideal mentor should be like.

Do you ever feel like you picked the wrong mentor? How has this video changed your view on who your mentor should be?

Tell us your experience in the comments below and please share as much detail as possible.

Thanks in advance for being kind and generous in your replies. Your shares, stories and insights are what makes this one of the best, most unique and

With all our love and appreciation for your ultimate success,

Masa & Miguel (Pyjama Bosses)

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