What Is The Difference Between A 6-Figure earner and 7-Figure Earner?

So if you’re somebody who’s on the way to creating six figures already, congratulations, but you know, sometimes we need to look a step ahead if we want to really reach seven figures. And even though perhaps we’re not yet achieving six, perhaps we really need to understand the subtle differences between people who get to build businesses who are that successful. I think one of the core differences at seven figures compared to six figures is that as a seven-figure earner you’ll probably be focusing on fewer things and becoming a real expert at doing them well, whereas the rest of the things, you’re going to be able to outsource to the duplication systems and to your leadership.

On a seven-figure level I certainly hope that you understand how much leverage you’re able to experience within building a network marketing business. That’s why we are so passionate about this profession, and it’s really important that at seven figures you’re going to utilise that leverage through having a duplication system for your team, and building solid leadership really deep inside your team. So when you have those two assets in your team, then you are able to focus on very few things that you do extremely well and help, not just for yourself but also to your core leaders and your team, do that extremely well.

Now, for different leaders those are different skills. Some leaders are extremely good at presenting. Some leaders, they’re extremely good at closing and recruiting, and whatever that may be, perhaps it’s marketing and generating leads for your team and many other things, that is your core goal. It’s really to get really good at a few things and be able to scale that. On a seven-figure level the other thing that I see is really different to people who are earning six figures is also that they’ve really understood the power of scaling their business through events, and you know what, even on a six-figure level we always promote events, but how do we scale our business so that we’re not doing more events personally, travelling more. How do we slowly do that so we can step back?

So if you understand how you can scale events and how you can scale your income, then I think that you’re well on the way to seven figures. So I hope this really helps you because as you’re on this journey of creating more success in network marketing, the subtle differences of success at seven and six figures are going to determine your path.