Are You Addicted To A Steady Salary?

Are you addicted to a steady salary that comes from your job and even though you’re passionate about your network marketing business, you’re a little afraid to let go and focus purely on your network marketing business? I mean, that transition from being an employee and working for someone else is where a lot of things are tough for us.

Transitioning into a world of entrepreneurship where there’s no guarantee can sometimes be really scary. But I like to rephrase myself and actually think about what are some of the risks here when I’m working for someone else? Well, number one, they’re always determining how much I get paid, and whether I get paid or not and in today’s economy that can sometimes be the risky part.

So, I think becoming an entrepreneur and really betting on myself is actually a safer way to the future. Now, the only thing that is really scary is about believing in ourselves and not knowing how fast we can succeed. So, the question really is, do you believe yourself that you’re going to discipline yourself to do enough and to do the exact right things to become successful?

You see, it’s not about when you become successful, it’s about whether you’re going to do it or not. So, if you believe yourself and trust yourself that you’re going to do the work, why not transition and say, “You know what, I’m going to go and bet on myself. I know that I can succeed. And I’m going to do everything in my power, everything possible to create success.” I believe this is a far safer way of creating the future.

So, if you are still working for somebody else and you’re passionate about network marketing, but scared to let go of what appears to be a steady thing, think about what is actually the risky part about where you are right now, and how can you see network marketing and entrepreneurship actually a better way to bet on yourself and create a safer future.