How Can I Get A New Member Into Action?

How can I get a new member into action? Well, this is a great question because it is actually the thing that will make the difference between you having massive duplication in your team, and really doing everything for everyone else in your team. How do you get a new team member into action? Well, it’s important that you tell them three to five important things in that first 30 minutes, or that first hour after they joined your team. Some people say, “Well, Masa, they just joined my team. Isn’t it okay for them to actually wait until they received their product, or wait 24 hours before I get them into action?”

Well no, I disagree. I think it’s right there and then, you need to harness this energy, harness the motivation, the inspiration they have behind having a brand new business, and give them interaction. What I think is really important is asking them really great questions in that moment. Things like, “Well, who do you know right now that is like you looking for an extra income? Who do you know right now that is looking to …?” And maybe insert whatever the benefit of your products and services are. Quickly make a list of about 20 people they know that you can call straight away, and then go ahead and make at least three fun calls together with them.

Give them a really simple script just as they actually first saw the opportunity. I think it’s really important that in this first hour, in their half an hour of the business, they actually get to take action with you. Now, you could be on the other side of the phone, the other side of a Zoom webinar, or perhaps in person, but the core thing is they got to take action with you, and make those three phone calls. Now, there are several other things that this person really should hear in that first hour. I think, it’s important that you as a leader perhaps have a tool, a five-minute video or something that goes through the core concepts of getting started right in your organisation.

With that core tool and a video that you could share with your team, you can make sure that everyone in your team is getting started right, and not just people that you’re sponsoring.