How do I create momentum in my team? Wow, this is certainly not a two minute answer but if I had to create an answer for you to really get  you inspired about creating momentum I would have to say the key to momentum is creating various degrees of intensity within the activity in your team. We can’t just go full on for 90 days any more, people get tired of that intense massive action so it’s about maybe looking at a shorter time period, maybe 30 days and within 30 days breaking it down to different variations in the activity levels and the different activities that you share with people that they’re supposed to do in your team.

We always look at the monthly events which are absolutely key to creating momentum and look at the seven day period post event and actually ask our team to take 10 times as much action in the seven days post event as they do in the other 21 days of the month. That gets them into a state of really rapid action. What also happens in this seven days is not just a lot of action but because people are taking intense action their skill levels increase, their confidence, their self esteem increases and so going through short period of intense action can produce momentum, but I do believe you need to then vary it through the month to create momentum to regroup, to actually get people back to using the system, to get people back into training and actually increasing their leadership.

Hope this really helps you in creating momentum and make sure that after your next event you have a seven day period where you can help your team to create massive action.