The Reason You Don’t Have More Leaders In Your Team

The reason why you don’t have leaders in your team. The reason why you don’t have leaders in your team, there are several things that happen. I’m going to just take you back to Masa’s and my journey. You probably understand the whole process. It’s perfectly normal, let me start with that, and it’s a normal feeling to have, and it’s a process. What I mean by that is when we first started in our business, Masa and I were very, and we always are, we’re very determined. You really want to get out of the situation that you have and you’re willing to take as much action as necessary just to make it happen. What happens most of the time is you’re focusing most of the time on you, on yourself, on how you can get out of that comfort zone that you have so you can become better and you can actually have more results.

At the same time, because of the nature of this business, you need to help other people have results, but what happens most of the time is we lose a little bit of vision, we don’t have the understanding that while we’re doing that, people are going to model what we do, and how we do it. What happened to us is after a while, after having a team of people, what happened was we felt like we didn’t have any leadership. The reason for that is because everybody depended on us.

We were very hardworking, very determined. We would try to help every single person in the team, but at the end of the day what we were doing is we were making every single person in our team dependent on us. That is one of the reasons why we didn’t have leadership in our team, because everybody was relying on us in doing the trainings, the recruiting, opportunities, everything. That was the number one thing. Maybe one of the reasons you don’t have leadership in your team is because you’re making people depending too much on you and it’s like a one-man band, so I would say. That’s one thing.

The second thing that we discovered was that as we were trying to help other people to step up, to have some leadership skills, what we found is that they had been looking up to us ,but in a way, they didn’t see themselves doing what we were doing because we were making it look too hard, or too difficult. When we were looking to do what we were doing, they were thinking, “Well, that’s okay for Masa and Miguel. They’re these people that are very determined. I’m not as determined as they are. I am not as hardworking as they are,” and everybody is, by the way. When we have divine motivation we all are, but at the same time, as a leader, it is your responsibility to give them the clarity, to give them a clear process so they believe every single step of the way that they’re able to replace you. That’s what you want your leadership to think, that at any time, any given time, they can take over the business and run with it.

The other reason you may not have leadership in your team is because you may not have a clear process of what that leadership looks like. For example, when is the right time for somebody to step up and run a presentation for example, or when is the right time for someone to do a three-way call with one of the downlines. There’s a few processes that need to be in place so people say, “Well, that’s okay for Masa and Miguel, but I think I’m ready to do what they do.” That comes down to if you make it look easy and clear for this new team leader, the easier and the faster they will replace you, and that’s the bottom line. What you want in your team is people to replace you so you go from the back of the room as we always say, you step up into your leadership role, and as you get there in front of the room, you are able to teach others to replace you so you go back to the back of the room, if that makes any sense.

The reason you’re not having any leadership, there are various reasons. First of all, you may be making it look too hard. The other reason is you may not have a clear process of what that leadership looks like and how people can step up, in very small increments, step up into that leadership, and they don’t see themselves being a leader.

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