How Can I Design An Effective Contest For My Team?

How can I design an effective contest for my team? Well, Miguel and I have been able to drive massive momentum through designing contests for our team, and really, it’s always been around creating some behavioural changes so that people were able to drive their businesses through them. Let me explain.

So, for example, it’s always really important that in a contest, you may have two different types of outcomes. One would be a results-based outcome, and the other one would be an action-based outcome. So let’s say it’s a brand-new month, it’s the first of the month, and you want to create an incentive, a contest for your team, so that you would increase the activity, so that you would increase the results and get everyone to create more in their business in this month. What I would be looking at is, what are some of the core outcomes that you, first of all, want to experience for yourself, and your personal goals in terms of your income in your business, and so on? And speak to your leaders also, what are some of their goals? And then work together with your top 10 leadership team to design a contest around these common goals where you’re all going, the next strengths you’re about to go for, and so on.

Then you look at, what are some of the basic building blocks in your compensation and in your company’s structure that you can reward people on? So, for example, if there is a reward for sponsoring three people when you first sign up, maybe there is a contest around that. You simply have to pick only one, and again, there should be a one outcome based on activity and one outcome based on results. So, for example, if you have a reward in your compensation plan for sponsoring three people, one contest should be around speaking to, for example, 10 people per week, or 10 people per day, which, as a result, the outcome would be, hopefully, sponsoring three people. But, you know, the other one should be results-based, so everyone who sponsored three people will get a certain reward as well. We love running contests, and I think they can increase the retention in your team, build culture, and certainly increase results and increase the actual momentum building that you have in your team.