What Is The Best Way To Invite A Prospect?

What’s the best way to invite the prospect to look at our products or opportunity? Well, I really believe that, especially when we’re brand new in the organisation, if you’re a leader that is teaching people what to do, how to invite people, it’s really important to have the clarity of what an invitation looks like, what’s the structure of that perfect invitation so we can get a great response, a great commitment from the prospect. We always teach what I call the ‘super invite’ script, and it’s not so much about what you say in the invitation, it’s about knowing what this invitation does psychologically, and how we can get a commitment from the prospect to see the information about our company products or opportunity. How do we invite a prospect successfully? It’s all about having a script, and not so much, in every script that you actually put forward that you say, “There are several different ways of saying things, but what is the importance of having the structure around the script? What is the structure in perfectly inviting a prospect?”

Well, number one, you’re going to ask them the most important question, “If I gave you some information, would you listen to it, watch it,” and so on. That actual, the sentence can be used in so many different ways, and actually rephrased with so many different words. “If I would, would you?” Then insert whatever you would want to do. Not only that, then the second step is, once they actually say yes, is getting a commitment. There’s two steps in this invitation, so, “You said yes, great. If I gave you this video or this information, when would you watch it?” It’s actually a time commitment from the prospect so that you know they’re really, really interested in actually doing it. These two steps in a perfect invitation are increasing, they’re very, very important and increasing your chances that this person is actually going to go through and watch the information. If you’re struggling with what to say to prospects, it’s often not about exactly the words that you say, but it’s about knowing the script and it’s structure, because behind the structure there’s a strategy, and behind the strategy there’s always results.

If you’re looking for perfect invitations, make sure you have these two elements in your invitation. Number on, “If I would give you something, would you?” Right, get their commitment that they would, and then ask a further commitment, “If I gave you this video, when do you think you would watch it?” I hope that really helps you in increasing the percentage of people that actually see your information and build your organisation successfully.

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