Network marketing success simplified in five simple steps. We all wanna be more and more successful, right? Masa and I have sometimes people coming to us and asking us what are the keys to success? What are the golden nuggets? What is the secret to success? Again, success is relative always. We sometimes perceive ourselves as not successful enough, I say sometimes.

Let’s say that someone would come to me and say, “What are the five simple steps,” that I would identify as the key to our success? This would be the five, are you ready?

So, first of all find a good compelling reason why. That why is whether you’re running from something that you have some kind of pain or you’re running towards something that you wanna achieve. You need to be very clear on that reason why you’re gonna be doing that business. The deeper that why, the better because that’s the thing that is gonna move you faster towards that goal. First of all, that reason why.

Second, obviously we’ve all heard this. Have a list. Have a list of friends that you’re gonna talk to. Here’s the other thing, for step number two I would say have always a never ending expanding list. Wherever you go you’re gonna meet people, so make sure that you’re an excellent detective. Finding out where people are in that. So step number two … So step number one, good reason why, step number two, a never ending expanding list.

Step number three, is not focus on recruiting, focus on making friends. Again, it goes back again to what I was kind of mentioning on step number two is make sure that you’re an excellent detective. Make sure that you’re very good in finding out what people are missing in their life. The better that you are at finding out what they’re missing in their life and understanding what they’re at and then you know that you have an opportunity that can give them that result or get them out of their result, the better or the more success you will be is when you’re able to build that bridge between that pain or that goal that they have and the opportunity that you have to offer them. What you’re doing is you’re enabling them to go from where they are to believe that that opportunity is the thing. Step number three, build friends, don’t recruit, just build relationships. That will be probably the step number three.

If I was to, kind of have these three steps, the next thing that I would be doing, and it could be probably step number one also, is I would make sure that I have the right mentorship. Having the right mentorship is different for everybody. I think depending on your personality there are certain qualities you are looking for in people. When you’re looking for mentorship, one of the things that regardless of your personality and what you’re looking for on someone that is gonna mentor you, one thing is super important.

Actually, two things,  first of all that they’re having success and the most important, they’re having success now. There’s so many occasions where people are so good at talking about their past and what they’ve done in the past and many, many years ago, but they’re not current with their skills. The mentors that have been doing things in the past, they will be able to give you principles always on how to do certain things and how to get out of that comfort zone, how to go through challenges, but the mentors that will get you even further, faster, I believe are always the ones that stay current. That stay current with all, let’s say technologies and all the changes that happen nowadays in the world, because the processes, I believe, are always the same. The actual process of recruiting someone, for example, is always the same. You need to build that relationship, you need to understand where they’re at so you can move them forward and then you actually go and recruit that person by showing them the opportunity.

Now, the way you do it, the technique of it, it changes throughout time. 50 years ago it was about getting that person into a coffee place maybe and doing that. You can still do that, but I believe that you can do it faster by showing them a video where they can watch that presentation. Then, you can do it as fast as you can. The technique changes, the process doesn’t. If you have a mentor that has the process figured out and they’ve had success, but they also stay current with the technique, that’s the best mentor you can find.

Let’s recap quickly. First, a good reason why, very compelling. Second of all, have a never ending expanding list. Don’t go and focus on recruiting, but in building relationships with people and being that good detective. Number four, find the best mentor you can find. Here’s the fifth, and I believe the … Probably the most important one, I think at the end of the day if you wanna have long term business and long term success, have a system. Have a platform. Have a duplication system from our point of view or have a platform where you can flag people in. As they come in, they can go and replicate what you’re doing today. People can duplicate what you’re doing. People can actually do every single time, whether you’re involved or not, can actually go and get the same result that you’re getting today, tomorrow, the day after, in a year time, in two years time.

Having a platform and a system that people can follow step by step, a process and a technique that people are current with and they can follow no matter what they are in the world and any time of the day, whether you’re involved or not, I think is the very same key to having long term success, consistent income, consistent results and giving people the equal opportunity so they can actually succeed as much as you have.