The Secret To Exponential Growth

So what’s the secret to exponential growth? In network marketing, you know, exponential growth really occurs when you have massive duplication and massive momentum running through your teams. And exponential growth is really the type of growth where you will not always know why and where your organisation is expanding so fast.

So the secret to that, I think it really comes down to number one, building solid leadership very, very deep inside your team. And number two, having systems that are going to support you through that exponential growth. See, exponential growth is really only possible where you’re able to take a step back in the daily running of the business, getting people started, getting people trained up, and actually through their first leadership development steps, is actually happening without you on autopilot.

Not just without you, but without anyone in a team. So, having some sort of automation in the system, it becomes increasingly important for you to be able to exponentially grow your income, and exponentially grow your team. So, what is the key to exponential growth? I think both leadership and systems, they need to play hand-in-hand. And if you’re just brand new and starting a network marketing business, then what I would focus on right now, is really helping to identify the top 10 leaders that are going to become top 10 income earners.

And just be aware, it may take some time. It may take six months, 12 months, even two years sometimes, to identify some key leadership in your team. But while you’re doing that, you’re getting more and more skill. Once you have that leadership, you’re going to work with them to really create very deep leadership inside your team, supported by automated systems. And when you can have all that, driving behaviour, with a leadership, and systems.

And the third piece of the puzzle here is really knowing how to use live events to create momentum with leadership and systems. When you have these three pieces, exponential growth is only a matter of time. And this is something that is going to be super important as you scale your income from six to seven figures.