Why Do I Need A Duplication System?

Why do I need a duplication system? The question that I will be asking myself probably a further question would be can I do without a duplication system? Based on our experience, I would say the answer is no. You can temporarily have results and you can actually create an income that might be short-term consistent, but if you want to build a team that long-term is consistent on the actions that they take and how they do things and … how you know how that’s going to reflect in your business is by you having a steady income, right? We all want steady income, right? That’s what we work so hard for, to increase the income and make it sustainable.

I think the most important question for you is how can I give that brand new person an equal opportunity to the one that I had? The answer to that question is by having a duplication system. Why? Because when you have a duplication system that means that the only thing you need to do with that brand new person is to plug them into that system. That means that if tomorrow you’re not there, that brand new person can plug someone else that they know and they come in contact with into that duplication system.

Do you need to be involved in that situation? Not anymore. You’re giving that brand new person an opportunity that is equal to yours. At the same time, having a duplication system, I believe, gives you the leverage. The leverage where in six months time, in a year’s time … It depends on the goals that you have. It gives you the opportunity to step out of that business. Not forever.

I don’t believe there is, at least, in this profession such a thing like 100% positive residual income, but there is a semi-positive income. That means that you don’t need to be involved 200% of the time obviously and actively involved. You can stop. You can take vacations. You can have a lifestyle and that’s what duplication systems can give you I think. It’s about the lifestyle that you can have by having a duplication system or having a system, a process that every single person that comes into your team, whether they come today, tomorrow, in two years time, they have an equal opportunity to learn and to do the things that you’re doing today in a year time, in six months time. You don’t need to be physically involved and actively involved in that enrollment, in that training, in that event. That gives you the leverage, but at the same time, you give that person the opportunity to have that leverage, too.

Why do I need a duplication system? I would say because that duplication system is the key for you to have the lifestyle that we all want. We don’t want to work harder for longer. We actually want to work harder maybe and smarter, right? Working harder and smarter means that eventually as your income goes up with the duplication system, you can decrease the hours that you’re working, which isn’t it what you want, right? We all want to have the lifestyle so if you want to have a lifestyle, I believe 100% that having a duplication system, having a process that people can follow is the key for you to have the results, the long-term income and the lifestyle.