How To Paint The Vision For A Prospect Who Has Great Potential?

How do we paint the vision for a great prospect? Have you ever had somebody sign up in your team that you know has great potential to become a top income earner? And how do you engage them in that process of really believing they can achieve that? So painting the vision for this person becomes really, really, very important, and it’s not about promising they can create a million dollars overnight. It’s about showing them what they need to do and creating the belief that they can go step-by-step and achieve that.

So how do you paint the vision for a great prospect? I think for me what always helps me is showing them that I have a process for them to continue to expand their knowledge, their skills, and continue to expand their business based on systems, duplication and building large teams. So if you don’t already have your own success story, what I would be looking at is actually sharing the success story and systems and step-by-step things that your upline support leadership is actually using right now.

So it becomes really important to show them that this is just not a great company with a great product and great compensation plan, but it becomes increasingly important to show them that you have a plan for them, that there is actually a step-by-step way for them to achieve their goals. So if it’s a great prospect, probably they’re looking for a higher income, you know, six-figure plus income as they’re joining you. And they’re very excited to get there very fast. So a key thing about painting the vision for this prospect is managing their expectations and actually knowing how to vaccinate them against some of the pitfalls that they may be experiencing as they embark on this exciting journey of building their network marketing business.

So if you have this great prospect joining your team, make sure that you show them the way, you actually paint the vision. You show them the step-by-step process they’re going to be taking, but you also remember to manage their expectation. And one thing that is key to high performing people, we all want to be challenged to learn more and expand more. So remember with these types of prospects or new team members, remember to challenge them day in and day out, week in and week out with brand new activities with massive action with new skills that they’re going to be learning, so they’re feeling challenged and empowered. And this way you’re going to be able to engage them to be with a large organisation, and help them to become one of your top income earners in your team.