How Do You Get Your Company To Listen To You?

How do you get your company to listen to you? Are you a significant leader within your network marketing company and you’re thinking, “Well, how can I get my company to listen?” It’s a great company. We all know that where you’re at really is probably the best place you are. That’s the first thing. It’s really important to know the grass is not greener elsewhere. But what I want you to understand is that your network marketing company, is your best business partner and so you should treat them as one. People who work with the company, the corporate employees are your best business associates and so it’s very important to know, we want to have a great working partnership and relationship.

And so, how can you work with your company? Number one, you need to understand that the network marketing company has our best interests at heart. That is the more we become successful, the more they become successful. So sometimes, it is helpful to really speak in that language. So let’s say that you need something from the company, perhaps to improve something or perhaps to invent something that is not there or whatever it is that you want to ask. I would definitely go to the company if you’re a significant leader within the company and explain to them how much more revenue that would create within your organisation if this challenge was approached in a certain way that you have an idea about.

And so, I know that leaders who can successfully partner with their companies and work through different challenges suggest things and really show what would be the benefit for everyone, should we be able to move on this path we’ll become super successful. And I want to remind you the long term is really where the massive income in network marketing is. I haven’t met any leader that has made 20, 30 or even 100 million dollars within network marketing that has not stuck to one company, that is not building one company for a significant amount of time sometimes 20, 30 years. And so, when you understand that it’s really important to develop this working partnership and really know how you can bring more value to this company by being a leader, that is sometimes able to negotiate on behalf of your team.