How can you help more people? How you can help more people, big disclaimer right before I get started, is going to be counterintuitive.  The reason I’m saying that is because if you want to help more people, you do not necessarily need to talk to more people, or reach out to more people.

I believe that the way you can help more people, based on our experience, is by slowing down and taking one person at the time. The reason you’re going to be able to reach out to more people is because every single one of us have a circle of influence. Some people may have a minimum of 200 people that they know.  By helping that one person, you’re not reaching out to that one person, you’re reaching out to another 200 people.

Well, when you think about it, the exponential kind of exposure that you can have to more people, is not even those 200 people, it’s the people that those people know. When you imagine, if you only knew 200 people, and you reach out to this person, and those 200 at the same time, they know 200, you can imagine the numbers. I can’t even begin to do all the math that’s involved in all that, but I think you’re following what I’m saying.

I think the biggest mistake that sometimes we make is to have that sense, the sense of urgency of putting the wrong place. We feel sometimes that if we want to have more results, that if we want to have more success, we need to reach out to more people. That is partially true, but the challenge is, when we reach out to a lot of people very, very fast, what we’re doing is we are really reaching out to people and putting a number. Would you like to be a number, or would you like someone to come to you and really take the time and care? It makes you feel that they care about you. It would be second one, obviously. At least, that’s how it’s for me. I’d rather people that take the time to understand me and to help me to get through my own challenges.

I have the drive myself, and I think everybody does have the drive and the energy, and the motivation, if they get the right mentorship. That’s what I’m coming back to. I think if you want to reach out to more people, I think it’s better to take it one step low, like down, and slow down. Take 1% of the time. Make sure that you focus your energy 1% of the time. Help that person to get through their own challenges. Give them a goal. Keep them accountable, and as you’re doing that, what you can do, then, is to help them to do the same with people that they know.

By you mentoring that one person, you’re not mentoring that one person. You’re mentoring thousands of people. So, when you think about it, or when I think about it, looking back to our business, and 10 years plus in this profession, the biggest part of our income has always come from people, a handful of people that we spend more time, that were determined, that had the motivation, but instead of treating them like a number, we treated them like a brother, a sister, a good friend, and we’re interested in them, and how we could help them.

Tony Robbins says, “Don’t fall in love with your product, fall in love with your customers.” In this case, I think if you fall in love with that brand new person, and you actually fall in love with who they are, and then you will be able to understand who they are, and how you can move them forward. When you’re able to do that, you will slowly develop a process on how to take people from where they are to where they want to be.

The only thing, once you’ve done that with a few people, that process is already here. When that process is here, the only thing you need to do is, when you focus one person at the time, you just need to do it repeatedly, over and over again, but at the same time, these people will be doing it with others, and you’re not reaching out to one person, you are reaching out to thousands. When you’re doing it three, four, five, ten times over, you’re reaching out to tens of thousands of people.