BEST SELLING TRAINING PROGRAMS For The Home Based Business Entrepreneur

“7-Figure Rank Advancement Secrets” program is a 6 unit detailed training teaching you the secrets of advancing ranks strategically, fast and effortlessly in your network marketing business.

This program will teach you how to uncover the building block in your compensation plan, how to create a duplication message that your team can follow, how to use events and tools to unleash rank advancement in your team and the importance of culture and leadership in your team for rank advancement.


“Binary Cash Machine” is 7-unit program teaching the most important strategies to maximise your results through the binary compensation plan of your company.

In this program you will learn what are the real strength of a binary compensation plan and how to take advantage of them and what are the different income streams in a binary plan and at what time in your business life you should focus on them. Also, you will learn how to diversify risk and increase the life-span of your residual income.


“Million $ Leader” teaches the 9 leadership principles you have to learn to elevate yourself to a million $ earner in network marketing.

You will learn what the 9 principles are and specific action steps how you can implement this in real life and in your business. We will share how leadership can help you to attract your dream prospects, why the benefits of leadership outweigh its cost and the 5 levels of leadership that will determine your income in your business and many more things that you will need on your leadership journey on becoming a “million $ leader”.


“Q-MOMENTUM” is a complete 30-day training program for creating momentum in your home-based business.

This is the HOME-BASED business industry first ever detailed and complete training with a specific process for creating momentum in your business.

This program includes more than 6 hours of recorded material that you can listen to and learn from step-by-step over the next 30 days to create momentum in your business.


“6 Figure Pyjama Bosses Results Academy” is an extensive 6-week program for creating extraordinary results in network marketing.

We have taught this exact 6-week course to literally 1,000s of network marketers for years and have now perfected a way for people to create results by going through the 6 LESSONS taught in Pyjama Bosses Results Academy in a particular way.

We have seen our business increase more than 5x fold within 18 months after implementing this 6-week program as the main training system for our team. Pyjama Bosses Results Academy is a completely generic program for network marketing professionals that want to create EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS.


“Recruiting Mastery” is a 7-part video training program teaching network marketing professionals how to RECRUIT faster, more effectively and effortlessly.

If you are looking to excel at the most important skill for your network marketing business: recruiting, this is a complete program that will teach you the strategies, scripts and mindset you need to create 6- and even a 7-figure success in your network marketing business.

Among other things, you will learn how to create an endless list of prospects, how to ask for referrals, 3 keys to building long-lasting relationships, the “super invite” script, the “fortune follow-up” script and how to get prospects asking you to sign them up!


Your Opportunity To Develop A New Member Into A Future Leader – learn the exact steps you to take to engage a new member and get them taking action from the first minte they sign up in your business

In this 9 module extensive video training course you will learn about the most important ways to create duplication in your network marketing team. We will share the most important 30-min step-by-step process that is responsible for engaging and launching a new member correctly. Also, we will cover the 3 most important time frames in a new leader’s lifetime and the 4 secrets of creating duplication in just 24 hours. We will finish off learning about the 7-day landmine and how you can successfully surpass it to create team of 1,000 of people in your network marketing business.


“FAST TRACT to 6-Figure Online MLM” is a network marketers guide to building a 6-Figure income by using the best cutting edge internet and online tools to create faster results, duplication and leverage in their business.

In the 7 core video modules you will learn all the basics on your personal branding through social media, capturing the names of your prospects and building a list of contacts, automated follow up strategies and communication with your growing team.

This program also has 2 special BONUS MODULES. In the first bonus module, you will learn the “mindset hacks” to get you building to a 6-Figure income and in the second bonus module you will learn the details about “Quantum Facebook Recruiting” secrets.


“Global MLM Secrets” from Pyjama Bosses, is a brand new video training program designed to help you build and grow an international network marketing business (without working yourself into exhaustion)!

During this 6-module extensive online video training program we will lead you step by step through everything you’ll need to follow (and duplicate), our proven system for success.

We’ll also introduce you to the specific system we use day in and day out to turn our successful team into a massive group of power-teams all creating amazing results on their own.


“7 Days to $1,000” is a 7-day intensive training program that focuses on you achieving your first $1,000 income goal in the next 7 days in your network marketing business.

Whether you are just starting out in network marketing or you have been in the business for a while, this program will teach you what it takes, how to do it and the mindset you need to start earning at least $1,000 in 7 days in your business.

This step-by-step program will give you all the tools, strategies and teach you the skills necessary for you to get achieve almost any income goal in the time you set yourself!


“Ultimate Pyjama Party” is an 18-part program teaching you how to create a 6-Figure income in 12 months with home-based business presentations in network marketing.

Home Based Business Presentations are the key to anyone’s success in network marketing or direct sales. The program will teach you everything about how to create a WINNING home based business presentation, from how to set up the room, how to choose the presenters and even the scripts you need to use for testimonies shared at the presentation.

This program will then teach you step by step what you need to do to create a 6-Figures + network marketing business with home based business presentations, especially how to implement a system so that your team can duplicate your efforts.


This 3 Module video training program teaches you everything you need to know to create a SYSTEM for your team focussed around one of the most powerful strategies, 3-way call.

In Module 1 you will learn why 3-way call are so effective and the 5 types of 3-way calls you should implement in your business. You will also learn the 6-step protocol to do a winning 3-way call with your upline support leader on the line.

In Module 2 we will talk about how you can help your team members to get people started from a 3-way call. You will learn the 5 pre-screening questions you need to ask on every call, 3 steps to building rapport on a 3-way call, how to share your success story and how to handle any objections. Finally, in Module 3, you will learn how to automate 3-way calls in your team by implementing tools and leadership, so you can gradually step away.