Why Is Your Team Not Following You?

If you’re watching this, you’re probably thinking, I’m doing everything right, I’m helping my team, I’m even trying to do it for them, and if you’re somebody who’s a high achiever, you’re really going to get this because you’ve probably been in your business maybe a few months or even a couple of years and you’ve got to a certain level of success. Like you got some runs on the board, so now you’re looking at your team and you’ve done everything for them and they’re not duplicating. They’re not doing what you’re helping them to do. Listen, I’ve been there more than once, probably a million times and why your team is not following you is really quite profound and quite deep. You see, sometimes, as we grew up in the traditional society, we are taught to be the expert.

We’re taught to stand alone and be able to do everything we are taught to appear strong and invincible. And not show our weaknesses, but as you enter the network marketing profession, this all gets put on its head. And what happens is that your team perhaps is looking at you and seeing how awesome you are and if they’re saying to themselves right now, “I’m just not sure I can be like you. I’m just not sure I can do exactly what you’re doing.” Then you’re in trouble. And so, to build a large international network marketing business, what I think is really important is showing the average person that comes into your team, how simple this business really can be. I mean, the real cliché of this business is simple. You really got to show it as a simple business.

That means sometimes you got to show your weaknesses, your struggles. That doesn’t mean you show a negativity around it, but you show your vulnerable self and not just that you are really making sure that you’re following a step by step system that is duplicatable, that everyone can plug into. So you’re not spending an hour doing a presentation personally one on one. You’re not going into the details of the compensation plan because guess what, your brand new team members can’t do that. And so it’s really important that you have this bigger picture of who you really need to be as a leader that can build the confidence, that can build the real stability in the team. And so I want you to sometimes show your vulnerability. I want you to think about how you’re showing that you’re using the systems in your team. You’re not just this invincible recruiting machine that can do absolutely everything for everyone, and while you’re tempted to go and help your people and do it for them, stand back and just think about it. How do I lead so that my team can follow me and exactly what I’m doing? So I hope this helps and I hope you create massive action from this.

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