The biggest mistake people are making

Are you aware of the most important and most common mistake that all network marketers make, that is preventing them from reaching their goals? In today’s video, I’m going to share with you that mistake and how you can actually avoid it.

Hey, Pyjama Bosses. It’s Masa right here, and I wanted to share one of the most common mistakes that network marketers make and how you can avoid it. That mistake really is to be relying on your upline support leader. We have to talk about responsibility in any form or type of success that we’re creating in our life, and the same goes for network marketing. In fact, there’s several different ways that we can rely on our upline support leader or our sponsor and start to actually point the blame when results are not appearing. So, make sure that as you’re starting out on your journey, you’re actually taking on the responsibility on yourself, and if you’re not finding the answers, if you’re not finding enough support from the upline support leader or your sponsor, you ask yourself how you can actually achieve success despite that.

There are so many different ways that we rely on an upline support leader. For example, if you’re building a binary compensation plan, one of the most common things that we do is really to rely on the spillover that will come from our upline support team. You know that in a binary compensation plan we often build two teams only, and that may mean that we could sometimes get some spillover coming from our upline support team. Now, this is not a must, and that’s why it is certainly not something that we need to rely on.

I always have the attitude if it is to be it is up to me, and it’s certainly, as a leader, you need to install this culture in your team so that nobody is anticipating and relying on their upline support leader or their sponsor and certainly not blaming them for the lack of success. If you’re in a binary compensation plan this is a huge issue and make sure that you understand you are responsible for 100% of what happens underneath you. That is your team.

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