How To Balance Sponsoring & Team Building

How do we balance sponsoring and team building? That’s one of the most common questions Miguel and I get each and every single day. In today’s video I’m going to give you an answer to this question.

Hey everyone. It’s Masa from Pyjama Bosses. In today’s video we’re going to talk about how to balance team building and sponsoring so you can effectively create six and seven figure network marketing business. You know, it’s really very important to understand that both activities are super, super important and that we really have to know on a weekly basis and yearly basis how to balance in between both.

The very first important advice I’m going to give you is if you’re in your first year of network marketing and you’ve been recruited or/and you’ve recruited under a hundred people yourself, 80% of all time in your business needs to be spent, that’s right, sponsoring. That is because this is how you actually take your business off the ground and create the initial momentum.

What I really want you to understand is that every single time you sponsor a brand new person you need to actually step back for a second and actually help them to duplicate into two or three levels deep into the organization. That’s where your team building comes in. What I like doing each and every single year is having two to three bursts of activity where I go massively into recruiting. That could certainly be right at the beginning of every year. That could certainly be just after the massive holiday season that every country has. There could be several instances in the year where you’re really focused for 30 to 60 days and recruit that next batch of 10, 20, 30 people.

While you’re recruiting them it’s very important that you know there are certain team building activities that are very, very crucial. For example, knowing how to plug these people into the system, knowing how to get them started, knowing how to get them into the first three, four or five generations deep so you’re not missing out on all the duplication, because guess what? 90% of all income or more will come from duplication.

Guess what? These are some of the most important ways that you balance between sponsoring and team building. I certainly believe there is so much we can automate in both sponsoring and in team building. At the same time make sure that you lead by example and that you’re doing both in front of your team so that they can actually learn from you and model from you.

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I will see you on the other side.