What is the secret to six figures in 12 months in your business? Pay attention to this video as I share the secret we have used to create six figures in less than 12 months in our network marketing business.

Hey, everyone, it’s Masa from Pyjama Bosses. In today’s video, I’m going to share with you how a few years ago when we were first starting in our business, we created over six figures in just nine months, and it was all due to home-based business presentations.
How did we actually scale these presentations in our business to create massive duplication and achieve the six figures was really a very simple concept. The first important rule is that if you’re serious about your business, you actually start doing at least two home-based business presentations every week. People ask me, “Masa, what’s the difference between doing one and doing two?” There’s a massive difference. You’re compressing the time and exponentially increasing the numbers of people in your business. If you’re serious about six figures this year, I invite you to do two home-based business presentations each and every single week.

The second step is to actually find a few people in your team who are as serious as you. That may take you one, two, or even three months to find a few leaders or actually build a few leaders who are now excited and motivated and committed to do what you’re doing. When you find these people, you’re going to be helping them to start building two home-based business presentations per week in their home. Potentially in your local area in your city, I invite you to perhaps find two to three such leaders in the first three months. When you have done that, the further steps are really obvious. As you’re helping these two or three leaders to establish themselves and establish their home-based business presentations, you’re now going to be teaching them how to do that with two or three of their leaders in the next three months. By the time six to nine months are over, in your local area, you could have potentially between 10-20 home-based business presentations happening each and every single week, and that, my friends, is the key to a six-figure income in network marketing in less than 12 months.

If you had some realizations today, please share this video with your team and get them on the same page so you can get faster to your results and build a six-figure income for yourself.
But if you want to learn the details of how Miguel and I actually did that and how you can implement some strategies to effectively run these presentations, then I invite you to check out our training program. It is called the Ultimate Pyjama Party. In a second, as I give you the link to this program, I believe you should go and check it out and see it for yourself because I believe it could be the step missing for you to create massive results this year for yourself. I’ll see you on the other side.

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