Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Bitcoin

First of all, I’m not here to tell you don’t invest in Bitcoin. If you’re doing that, that’s fantastic. That’s great for you. I have absolutely nothing against it. I think is another way for you to create wealth. But the reason I’m saying why you shouldn’t invest in bitcoin today, if you bear with me is because what Masa and I have seen in over the past probably couple of years as bitcoin has become a very popular choice, for people to invest in, is that suddenly they feel like their life is changed forever. And I dare to say that it may change on the financial side of it, but the way we see it or the way I personally see it, you know, is that while your financial side of it may be different in the next few years, as Bitcoin maybe goes up and create wealth for you, you still need to invest in yourself.

And this is the thing that I kind of, if you remember nothing else from me today in this video, is that regardless whether you’re investing in cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether you’re investing in forex trading or any kind of investment that you’re doing, you should invest in yourself and investing in yourself doesn’t mean putting more money into crypto or anything like that. I mean, investing in yourself, maybe through reading books to listen or from, you know, maybe it’s listening to podcasts. Maybe it’s thought leaders. But you should be investing in yourself. You should surround yourself with people that are better than you in many aspects of life. You know, health, obviously wealth if you’re investing in, in all these things.

But the few things is always about educate yourself, educate yourself, become the person that is able to manage all the wealth that you might be creating. And, again, I’m not here to tell you, do not invest in bitcoin obviously, but you shouldn’t be investing in Bitcoin if that is the way for you to kind of the escape path that you’re choosing and thinking that that is going to be I’m not gonna do anything, I’m going to become very wealthy and that’s it, I’m still gonna stay the same person because, you know, chances are that even though you’re going to make all these, well from this side, if you don’t know how to manage, if you don’t become the person they can manage that wealth with intelligent decisions, right? Chances are that you might be, you know, you might not have that well for very long and you know, go back always to people that win the lottery, right?

They overnight become multimillionaires or billionaires, right? And they don’t know what to do with the money that becomes, that’s another thing. It becomes pressure. It becomes stress because they then suddenly they have all these friends I didn’t have before. All these people trying to get them to invest in all these things, but they don’t have the knowledge, they don’t have all the expertise, right? Having a educated themselves on what to do with all that wealth in becomes daunting, right? So don’t become one of these people. Make sure that as your investments go and create more wealth for you on the, you know, on the personal side, you educate yourself. You, you find ways to, you know, to kind of elevate yourself to the level of the person and become that person that is going to be in the future able to manage all these wealth you’re investing in today.

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