Why Will Positive Thinking Get You Nowhere?

Wow. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be thinking positive? No, absolutely not. What I’m saying is that, being positive is a small, just a small part of your success.

I see people way too often. They’re immersing themselves in a lot of personal development and while I love personal development, I probably spent a couple of hours every day learning and immersing myself in information that will make me more positive. I don’t think that’s the whole story. In fact, what the really important thing is that you stay positive while you’re taking action and perhaps not always succeeding. Does that make sense? So first of all, yes, you do want to be immersed in positive environments with people that can take you further with information that can take you further. But the most important thing is you take massive action on what you’re learning and that you stay positive while all of the attempts of action that you’re taking are not necessarily succeeding.

See, the biggest difference between high achievers and people who really going to create seven figure incomes in network marketing is going to be how often they’re willing to fail. I mean, if we just take recruiting, how many no’s are you willing to take and what is the attitude? How? What is your mindset when the failure, quote-unquote happens, but this is not a real failure. As we all know, that is a necessary process for you to get to the result that you’re seeking. So I want you to remember pure positive thinking, really will not get you very far. Step two is to take massive action, and step three is to stay really positive through the not so positive events that may be happening on your journey in the process for creating results. So go take massive action. Immerse yourself in positive environments and stay positive while you’re in the process while you’re in the journey and start loving the journey to success.