Why Network Marketing Is Like Dating

First of all, we’re not all going to talk about dating today, we’re just comparing network marketing and dating. And the reason why I’m doing that today is because, you know, as far as I can see again in my personal humble opinion, is that in dating most of the time, you have one night stands or you’re looking for a longterm relationship, right? And, when you take that and you apply that or you see that in the network marketing world, the way I see it sometimes it’s like the one night stand is like trying to sponsor hundreds and hundreds of people in a month, for example, where you go and you you’re focusing more on the actual transaction of people signing up, than the process of people actually signing up and using that sign up day as the beginning of that relationship where you’re going to spend some time, you’re going to commit to that person that you have in front of you.

Whether you know, maybe it’s online, in front of you online, or physically, if it’s in the same town, in the same city where you’re sitting in front across the table with someone and it’s a commitment, it’s a two way street where you commit to that person, that person commits the you, you commit to giving them advice and telling them what the next step is as long as they commit to take action learning and stay hungry in a sense like we talk about in many other videos before this one where they’re going to take action on what they learn and they keep coming back for more, right? And that’s how kind of you start a long term relationship, right? The longer the relationship, the more stable and the more chances that person in front of you has to become your next big leader.

That is going to be leading thousands of people, hopefully. Right? And is going to be your biggest leverage. Hopefully all that makes sense. So the reason why network marketing is like dating is because, again first of all, when you don’t have clear what you want to achieve, in that relationship, right? Chances are that you’re focusing more on the numbers, right? You’re going to be having one night stands, which is I’m going to build a relationship with this person. I’m going to sign them up and as soon as I sign them up, I move on to the next person. And then as soon as I sign that one up, I’m move to the next person. And that’s sometimes what happens in network marketing. We feel like we need to talk to so many people and sign up so many people that we don’t take the time to build a long term relationship with someone.

So again, you know, everybody’s entitled to their opinion and there is nothing. There is no right or wrong. Based on our experience, my piece of advice for you today, if I may, is that, whenever you’re talking to someone, first of all, have very clear, whether you want to have a one night stand, just sign up someone and move onto the next one or you’re actually looking for your next big leader, because if you are looking for your next big leader, my advice would be take the time to get to know that person, take the time when they sign up, they decide that you are the right person, that you are the person that is going to lead them to achieve their goals and their dreams. You are there every step of the way as long as they commit to you and they do what you actually advise them or share with them that they should be doing.

So hopefully that makes sense. You know, that’s why I feel that sometimes, you know, network marketing is very similar to dating, right? So in the meantime though, make, make sure that you drop comments below, see what you feel. You know, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. And, maybe you want a one night stand and it’s perfectly fine, signing up a lot of people, you know, it’s also a very good thing to do because, you know, chances are they, one of them may become your next big leader, but if you want to increase your chances, obviously, you know, make sure that you build a relationship with that person to make sure that you take care of them. They’re putting their trust, their trust in you. And I think sometimes that’s a big commitment for both of you, right? For the person that is signing up in the person that introduced that person to the business. So you make sure that it’s kind of a long term relationship. That it’s any chance you never leave anything to chance to miss out. So in the meantime, have an amazing day. And let’s talk soon.