Why Facebook Groups May No Longer Be The Answer

Hey, everyone.

It’s Masa from Pyjama Bosses and in today’s video I want to talk to you about why Facebook groups may no longer be the answer; and this is a little bit controversial and I want to have a really close, personal conversation with you and I want to share some thoughts. Some really personal thoughts on where I believe Facebook groups are really strong and where I believe they’re going to actually fail you and deter you from creating faster success.

So, it’s obvious that social media, specifically Facebook, is the number one tool for our business. We can use it and actually exponentially grow our business if we know for what.

So, here’s the thing, Facebook groups are absolutely outstanding for some things and absolutely not outstanding for other things. Now, let’s first talk about the one thing that I would not use Facebook groups for. I would not use Facebook groups for recruiting processes and what I mean by that is, I’ve literally added 50, hundreds of prospects into Facebook groups and I absolutely forget where these prospects went, what videos I tagged to and not only that, I can’t even track their interest level and what they’ve watched and when they’ve watched it; and then I forget to follow up and guess what? My whole recruiting process fails. So, I don’t think it’s a great thing to put lots of prospect in a Facebook group and just allow the Facebook group and the social proof do the work.

However, social media and Facebook groups specifically are excellent at other things. They’re excellent at actually prospecting, that is generating contacts, finding people. So, going into Facebook groups where there’s people of similar interests who are not in network marketing, who are not in your company in that sense and actually connecting with them. So, actually connecting with brand new people and creating leads. That’s number one.

There’s a second reason why I think Facebook groups are really powerful but they’re not necessarily for recruiting processes; and that is building communities.

See, once you’ve actually taken the person through a recruiting process and actually got them on board, into your team, into your business, absolutely, you want to add them into a community but at this point, this Facebook group is actually a community of people inside your company already. Does that make sense?

So, for me, the recruiting process needs to actually be taken off social media, off actual Facebook groups, so that we can actually track what happens with the prospect. There’s plenty online methods that we can do that with.

So, Facebook groups may not necessarily be the answer to all your prayers. They’re certainly very useful for specific things in network marketing systems and processes but don’t get mistaken and don’t completely surrender to the social media Facebook group strategy because it is not the only answer.

I really hope this helps and the reason I’m sharing this because I want you to speed up and I want you to go faster and I believe that in this way, you can get the results that you deserve. So, go implement it and let me know how you feel about this.