Why Being With An MLM Company Is No Longer Guarantee Of Success

Hey everyone, it’s Masa from Pyjama Bosses, and in this video I want to share with you why being with a great network marketing company is no longer enough to guarantee you success.

See, I totally get it. 20, 30, 40 years ago, there were fewer network marketing companies and literally as they were building, as they were expanding so fast, sometimes getting in at the right place at the right time was totally enough.

But you know what? Today there is literally tens of thousands of great networking companies, amazing products and services, and guess what? It is no longer enough for you to be offering those products and services and be guaranteed success. Do you understand what I mean? So if you’re wondering why has your success not happened, this may be the gap that you need to be closing.

See, having a great company to represent is step one. If this company doesn’t have valuable products that give value to people, well of course, you’re not going to be able to build a solid business. But even if you have that, guess what? You’re competing with potentially tens of thousands, if not even hundreds of thousands, of leaders just like yourself, to create big teams and actually create success.

So that’s why being with a great company is no longer enough, and guess what? Within your company there need to be a reason why people want to join your team. So what are you providing to people that are joining your team? What is the infrastructure? What are the support systems? What is the leadership? What are the events? What is it that you’re giving to them to guarantee your success?

You see, when you can look at your business as a unique value proposition within the great company that you’re representing, that becomes a really, really strong proposition to somebody that you’re talking to.

So somebody who’s serious about changing their life will not only change their health, their wealth, and no matter what products and services you represent, they’re also now going to be able to think about the opportunity and they’re going to see the unique value of connecting with you and your team.

So that’s why today it’s so important to have a unique value proposition for your prospects. So that’s why, let’s build the systems, let’s build the support structures, let’s build the leadership, so that you can have a unique value proposition. I hope this helps, and let’s put it into practice.