Who Are You Duplicating?

So who are your really duplicating? And while in the title of this video we have the word duplicating, this is not entirely about duplication and I know you love it, but what I’m asking you is who you are really becoming. Who are you modeling after? And one thing that I do know is that sometimes I asked myself the most important question that my mentor already have, the results that I want to have in life and if that is true, you know, for business, that is awesome. So what Miguel and I do is we create a mosaic and we’ll look at different areas of our life because long-term, our business success will not just be dependent on creating success in business. It will be creating on all around success in life. And so what we do is we really find the best people in all areas of live, in health and fitness and wellness and all the other things that we do, relationships.

And we actually model after them. What that means is that we’re all different people and perhaps your mentor right now has the greatest business success, but maybe you don’t want to model after them in their family life or some other part of their life. Does that make sense? Now, while I’m saying to create a mosaic, out of all the mentors that you can find, one thing that I want to caution you with is, in your business, please follow one person at a time. What Miguel and I do typically is we really hire a mentor and typically pay them a lot of money because we really know they’re the best in the world. And what we do then is we really study them. Their psychology, their behavior, everything they do. We watched him like a hawk and not only that, we then take action massively and really become that person as much as we possibly can in business.

Now that may take two, three years at a time and while that is happening, we do not go online and find other business mentors. Does that make sense? Because we know that you can in one area of life, you can only ever follow one mentor. So two takes from this video, number one, find mentors in different areas of your life. I mean our fitness, fitness mentor, our personal trainer is amazing. And guess what? We’re still modeling after him and becoming like him in that area of life. But in our business, we only ever have one mentor and we certainly immerse ourselves. We master the things that can sometimes take years, three, four years. So I hope that you understand that it’s not a bad just listening to everyone out there because it’s confusing. It gets you really scattered and it gets you really distracted. So focus with one mentor for your network marketing business, one person at a time, implement and take action and your results will triple.