The Secret to Big Money

There is a secret that top income earners know. It is the key to making big money in network marketing.

It has to do something with being more as a teacher and less as a saleswoman. Sales skills are no question important to your success in network marketing, but the attitude that you have should not be focussed solely on the sale itself.

In today’s video blog we explain why saleswomen can make common mistakes and why teachers are likely to build a huge and long standing team despite having little or no sales skills. Watch this video and learn what you can learn from a teacher’s attitude to create a long term residual income in your network marketing career.

Do you ever feel like it is difficult to get good at selling? Lucky for you there is several things you can do to create a big team despite that. Also, do you know how many people you need to recruit to create a team of 10,000 members? The answer in today’s video.

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