The Hardest Thing To Learn

The hardest thing to learn. Well, the hardest thing that I ever had to learn … First of all, let me give a little bit of background. I’m a perfectionist. So as a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough. I don’t know if some of you would be on that same boat. But as a perfectionist nothing is ever good enough. So what do you think happens when you are asked to take action on something? Until you believe it’s almost perfect, which is never perfect, you don’t take action. That not taking action is the thing that will stand between you and your dreams.

So it took me a while to understand that. But I think the moment when I saw other people that were very, very successful, were more successful than I was, having results, and I was observing what they were doing, they didn’t care so much about how perfect those videos were, or how perfect they were on their scripts on how to prospect someone, or how perfect they were when they were on stage talking about something, some particular kind of topic. They just got it done.

I think, when I look back, if I was to say, what is the hardest thing I had to learn, was to let go, to let go of perfection and step into implementation. We all have our own limitations that we set ourselves, or limiting beliefs. And for me, the excuse for not taking action, the story that I was telling myself is, if it’s not good enough what are people going to think about me? When people don’t think highly of me that means I will not have results. If I don’t have results I will not be successful. If I’m not successful how can I get people to think higher of what they think of me? So it’s like a cycle that you go through.

So the hardest thing that I ever had to learn was to let go of perfection. Today, as you can see, this is not the best video ever. For some of you, it might be the worst. I don’t know. But the whole thing is to take yourself out of the equation, to let go of that perfection, to not think so much about what people will think about you, and to get it done. Because when you get it done, then you have an opportunity to correct, you have an opportunity to improve,you have an opportunity to do something.

But if you’re always in the theory and you’re always hiding behind your computer, you’re always hiding behind someone, you’re not putting yourself out there. You know, whichever story you tell yourself, that’s your story. But if you want to keep your excuses, you will keep those excuses. If you want to defend your excuses, that’s what you will have, excuses.

So I think, if I was to advise someone on how to get better at something, I would say, let go of perfection and step into action and implementation, because the more and often you do that, the better you will become; the better that you become, the more confident you will be, and the less that you will care about what others say. When that happens, you know, is when success becomes something that is the norm for you, success becomes something that is achievable, that you believe is something achievable. Before you are usually so afraid of letting go of that fear that you’re not able to taste what success may look like. So let go of perfection and step into action.