Pyjama Bosses TV-Episode 1

Hey everyone, I’m so excited today!

This is Masa from Pyjama Bosses and I’m so excited today because I finally decided to do some in-depth trainings for leaders who wanna scale their netowork  marketing businesses to six and seven figures.

So this is just like what Monday afternoon looks like in our office right here, somebody has just delivered some really beautiful flowers!

I really don’t know who that is. I’m about to open that up and see who that is but otherwise, it’s been a rainy day right outside here, it’s beautiful, but quite raining today. And I really wanted to make a video for you about creating a duplication system because so many of you are always asking me, Masa, how do you know what to put into your duplication system, or how do you create once?

So I want to invite you to my studio, I’m gonna write some things down, I’m gonna go through the steps of actual process, how we go and actually create custom-build team duplication systems. For the past eight months or so, we’ve helped a over-7000 people in network marketing to create systems and we’ve certainly helped some six and seven figure earners, and we’ve helped to create some six. And so, I figure under… so coming to my studio with me and I’ll show you how to do it right now.

Okay, great, so many of you have been asking us:  What is the exact process to creating team duplication system? And so I wanna take it through the process that we take leaders who are there starting at or a yet six figures or even seven figure in it for marketing leaders and actually create a team duplication system. As you can imagine, there’s so many variables, there’s the products and services that we distribute in a specific company, there’s a compensation plan there is a team culture there is all the different variables and so we need to take that into account when we’re actually going through the process of creating that system.

Now, let’s  look at those specific five steps. Pay attention. So the very first step of creating a team duplication system is actually choosing your path.

Now, that sounds really generic, but just bear with me, this is a real important thing. So the first thing that you need to do is to choose a path so I…So let me explain what that man…If every single month you are actually looking for specific new strategies to implement into your business and you’re starting to teach your team, how to do that.

And 30 days later, you may be actually creating another training on something completely different and then two months down the line, you may be telling your team that, what you were teaching them twelve months ago is actually no longer valid. So by doing that, you’re actually confusing your team, and it becomes extremely difficult to actually create a system around what you’re doing.

So the very first important thing about scaling in network marketing business. If you’re here  you are very serious about creating a six-figure business even more if you want to create a seven-figure business and you may be ready at Sixes or multiple six figures  guess what you need to choose a path. And what we often teach our top earning clients, is to scale further they need to make the most scalable decision that they can ever make in their network marketing businesses is to choose one path,  and stick with it.

Now, what does that mean? It choosing one path, well, refers to everything that we do in our business. You must create a choice you must actually choose what you’re going to be doing and   what you’re going to be asking your team to do it depends on you as a leader.

Now, you may be plugging into a system, that one of your upline for support leaders has created and it’s a successful system. So keep doing that by all means we are not trying to recreate the wheel. But if you’re finding yourself in a situation where there isn’t much  support, where there isn’t much training that you could plug into but you’re starting to create a significant team around yourself, then it is time to choose a path.

You must form an opinion whether you believe that live meetings and trainings are working or not, you must form an opinion whether you’re gonna be asking people to recruit the  Facebook, you have to actually make a choice, you need to choose a path because if you don’t choose a path, if you don’t actually understand what you stand for, and what you’re gonna be teaching, then what is going to happen is that you’re going to actually not point a very straight line, and your team is often going to be confused and with confusion becomes, the lack of action.

I’m just gonna write that down because that is one of the main things.

L equals lack of action in your team.

That’s one of the main things that we see is happening in teams that come to us to help them build a team duplication system. There’s confusion handle of action people are not actually taking the action that they know they have to take. So first you have to choose a path. We’re gonna speak about specifically what you have to decide in a second but I want you to understand that this is the most scalable, this is the most scalable decision right here that you can ever make in your network marketing business.

If you’re wondering why you’re always coming to a place where you’re wondering why perhaps you’ve not reached a result that you know you deserve in your business. One of the reasons may be is because you have not chosen a path, and I choosing a path. Sometimes we come up against challenges. In fact, we come up against people that don’t like our choices, we come up against the fact that people don’t follow. So there’s a sorts of challenges, sometimes when we do choose a path but not choosing it at all and not actually defining what the path is means there’s lots of confusion and like action so we must choose a path now, now that you have chosen a path we need to define the steps, define steps.

This is actually a natural progression from number one, what does that mean? So, you have chosen a path this is really understanding and making a decision that you’re going to define specifically how you are going to be doing your business, and how you’re gonna be asking your team to replicate or duplicate after you.

And of course, the natural progression is that you look at the definition of the steps I go look at. So what does that mean, definition of the steps? Well, in every duplication process there’s actually five steps of duplication if we define it broadly. There is lead generation or finding people there is inviting people to have a look at information, there’s follow-up there, and so on and so, on right, so you must refine those steps what they are. First of all, define those stamps. Typically, there’s about five steps. You a lead generation there is invitation a follow-up, follow-up, and getting started, right?

So these are five specific steps in the process of duplication. Of course, there’s much more… but this  is the main thing, in the main things that you need to define from getting started. We also have leadership development. We’ll talk about that later. Okay, but in this five step specifically, you must define exactly what you’re going to be doing. So, for example, in terms of lead generation, are you going to be talking to your team and are you gonna be talking to your war market, meaning your friends and family people that you’ve had contact with in the past are you perhaps again that you don’t want them to talk to friends and family, right? I obviously have a specific choice. And we do teach leaders who come into our programs, especially a high level programs, our inner circle program exactly what we believe in terms of lead generation, what’s the most effective way of doing it?

But in terms of lead generation, it’s really important. There’s a set of rules, you know, so there’s a set of rules like if that involves prospecting on Facebook, what is the lead generation prospecting on Facebook? Looking like a…

What is the online method that you subscribe to, what is the offline method that you subscribe to?

You need to have specific rules and there needs to be really very few and very simple, strategies that you teach over and over and over the most important about lead generation. Here’s the head, you’re not teaching fifteen different strategies and adding on a strategy every single month if you’re doing that, you’re confusing your team and there is a lack of action there may be action for a month or two, but then everyone gets confused and dies off, and quit their business.

And the next thing is, how are you going to be inviting people how…What is the script, what are the tools involved what are the presentation scripts, what are the follow-up scripts and so on? So you need to define what the steps are, and you need to know exactly what you’re gonna be doing in this steps. Exact scripts exact processes, you need to define the steps.

It’s really an extension… extension of choosing a path. Again, we’re still playing around with this idea of scalability. If you don’t make your business scalable, how do you want it to go up in volume, while you don’t increase the amount of time that you’re working?

So the finding of the steps is really important. Now let’s imagine you’ve now defined these steps.

You know what you stand for, you know what you’re gonna be teaching and most importantly what you send again on what you’re not gonna be teaching and what you’re not gonna be doing because there’s not enough time to do everything, there’s so many ways of doing this business. And you have to choose what you’re gonna do. So choose the stamps define the set these are the duplication stamps it. And once you’ve done that, the next thing from here is a natural progression from defining the steps, which is you’re going to transform these steps in to in to guess what into tools, right?

Because we cannot make this system duplicable if we’re not actuallytransforming these steps into specific tools.

So what I mean here, well, in terms of lead generation, perhaps you define two or three in ways that you’re gonna be asking your team members and that you’re gonna be doing by finding new people to talk to, how do you create relationships, how do you find warm cold market prospects and what you say to them? And once you have done that, you need to create tools.

And what tools can you create? You can create a script, you can create a process, right?

You can even create a video talking about how to do that.

And so it’s really very important that you go through these five steps of duplication after you’ve defined them and create them into tools transform them into tools great tools that are gonna be simple and able to duplicate . And here’s some more details because you could go around this and create a thousand tools and never get the system down and launched. But what you’re really looking for, is minimal viable product, right?

You’re creating for the quick  tools that you can put to the other fast that are simple to follow that are not complex, and then you can actually refine that.

And quite often, the refinement of tools actually is their simplification too…So you got to transform this into tools obviously in the invitation, step, this was going to be a script.

Perhaps you’re gonna have future trainings or soon recordings where you have been actually replaying the presentation. Obviously, a video presentation tool is essential to have if I could pick two tools that you must have before you launch a system is a video presentation, which nowadays I think a seven to ten minute video works extremely well, and then the other one is getting started, five-minute video.

You know, actual steps that you need for a new person to go through in the first hour of their business and…And so, we haven’t even talked about the timelines of duplication, but you have to take… I’m that into account as well. So, you transform those into tools. So we’ve chosen the path we’ve understood that the only scalable path, comes from actually choosing one thing and stick into it, and not adding and choosing and swapping and changing completely. I’m not talking about every ten years. Perhaps you replace something and you change something, but it’s quite interesting. The most scalable metric marketing, business is still today are the ones that are at the most boring the simplest steps and there not actually refined it with every single new strategy. It comes along, I get it. Technology is evolving intern is evolving social media is giving us opportunities to do so many things but these choosing a path is about your scalability and making sure there’s action because there’s no confusion then need to find the steps and then you transform those steps into tools, or your team.

Now again, you know creating a system.

Quick question here, when is the right time for creating a system? I said, If there is a system to follow, do not reinvent the wheel if you have an upline support leader is on all the work login to their system. But if you find yourself alone, if there is a considerable training, if you have a team that’s building you better do the steps fast.

And let me tell her, this whole five steps, I’m describing to that. It doesn’t take more than, I wanna say five full days of work if you’re really immersed yourself so why not just block a time in your schedule for the next few weekends when you’re not busy and get it done because this is going to actually save you so much time, energy, and not just that your team’s gonna have a clear path anyway, let’s get the step number four step in before is why you have the tools, why don’t you have  the videos of scripts and so on? You gotta pick a platform, and insert them into this platform.

Now, this is a little bit of technology and yes, we do have our own platform.

And the reason that once upon a time we pulled the plug and actually hired developers, software Engineers, to create our own platforms because we couldn’t find one that was suitable for network marketing, we’re literally using seven different softwares.

So yes, we have created our own platform. But you are walking to take the one that is most suitable to you, in your business. The important thing about picking and inserting into the platform is that you are going to be able to do three things with this platform, and this is actually the acronym of a US happens to be similar to a stroller, but it’s a US.

This platform needs to automate the tools it needs to…You unify the message, and it needs to make it scale too…So let me give you an example, when we first got it running our business, we put up just a simple page with one video and everyone’s using the same page and the challenge was that we didn’t know who was sending prospects there and what the prospects name were, neither that the person that was sending the prospect know what are the person activity or not.

So I now within automation there needs to be, there needs to be some information that you can gather from that platform. So a good…

I ran system. Simple thing that everyone can learn how to use then the unification. We’re talking about training, we’re talking about recruiting we’re talking about leadership development coaching all these different parts of team duplication system, they need to have a unified message, so the platform that you’re going to use needs to unify that message right across everything and this has to do a little bit with chosen the path defining the steps, and then unifying the message right across different processes that you’re going to do.

And the final thing, this platform has to be scalable. Like I said before, we used to run a I know even future videos, but that wasn’t scalable simply because, well, people were using them, but we didn’t actually know people were watching it or doing anything with it and so on.

So I  have this question. If somebody were to wave a magic one today and give you ten housed new members in to your team, you…So would you be able to cope with that growth? Not only that, what would the gross look like?

The month after these people came in, were they just came in, and now they’re confused not knowing what to do.

Or you have a platform that allows for the scalability of recruiting duplication or team team-building all of that.

So this is a really, really important point. And then number five, finally it’s the drive momentum with this new system, it’s number five, drive momentum and this is really crucial. This is like this is like the 80-00 rule, the 80-percent of success of a team duplication system actually comes from knowing and driving the momentum correctly knowing how to… and actually driving it correctly.

So you could do all this right and somebody could even insert the perfect tools and choose a path and everything in the perfect system, and you could have this perfect system, but if you don’t know how to drive a mentor with the system if you don’t know how to get your team to use it, you will not have much effect.

In fact, this thing, the elusive duplication will not actually happen. And so the first point of warning, it actually takes three to six months to see significant duplication, by using a ten-duplication system and, and why that is is because you really want significant numbers of people using the system so that you can get leverage so that you can actually have that maximum growth so that you can see the maximum, of people actually having the benefit.

So driving moments really the most crucial steps how do we actually drive momentum through the platform that we have created, so that we can get the results of actually helping people to create massive duplication in our team? So some of the things that you may consider is actually how are you going to promote the system, what a the culture steps that you’re going to create in your business, in your team, so that this becomes a part of what everyone is doing, and what everyone is adopting what are some of the events where you’ll be promoting this, how are you gonna be promoting a anti… how are you gonna be actually creating leadership development, through this system?

So driving momentum and action-building your business with the system, it’s going to be the crucial step. This is like 80 percent of all success.

So to recap, there’s five specific steps in a process that we take leaders through to creating a team duplication system. So the first one was choosing a path and therefore making your business scalable defining the steps and actually going into the DT, details of what it is that you’re going to be doing, transforming those into tools, picking a platform and inserting the S platform and making it automated, unified and scalable, and of course driving momentum with that. So these are really, really some important, stabs and if you’re looking at… actually creating a system for your team, this is the stats that I I would follow.

So think about it in now, if you want to go at it alone, by all means, but if you want some help then make sure, you go and watch our training where you can actually get some more detailed information on this, so go to the website, that we are posting right on the link below, and I will see you inside.