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I hope you’re doing amazing. Today’s episode three of pyjama bosses TV and today I wanted to talk to you about something that again, it might seem a little crazy. But I promise if you stick until the end of this video, I think it will make sense. What I wanted to talk to you about is today is the similarities between something called the Autobahn, you know for those of you that are Germans for in Germany you will know exactly what I talk about what it is. For those of you that are not, Autobahn is pretty much a highway where there’s no speed limits. So I want to talk you about the similarities between the Autobahn and having a system and a process in network marketing in your business, with your team and why Masa and I believe that it’s so important always. How when we talk to you about having a big team, having success and having duplication. We always go back to the importance of having a system, the importance of following processes.

So today, hopefully, as I always say, I like always kind of go into real life examples and try to kind of compare what it is the equivalent in this industry, network marketing. Now you can see in the back, that’s my office and I just came here kind of to get some fresh air. Otherwise, as pyjama boss you’re always in the office, inside, home-based business, right? As you can you see there’s plenty of cables, a little messy sometimes. I don’t know if you relate to that, you have here all the books, videos, DVD’s, remember those times of DVD’s? Now I think you can download pretty much everything. And we’re coming here, here in the back as you can see my wall we did kind of a painting that you can actually use it for whiteboard. And that’s the thing that I always use as you guys know already, I’m very visual and that’s the thing that I wanted to show you.

Now, what you see here is from last episode, episode number two. If you haven’t watched that, I highly recommend that you go back and you watch that. If you think it’s useful again you can go and share it with your teams but if nothing else, if you give me two minutes, I’m going to erase that and we’ll start with the autobahn and the similarities with having a system and a process in your network or marketing business and how that, when you understand that and you follow that, it will help you in your business. It will give you that leverage and that time and everything that many people talk about but not many people get to experience. So two seconds or two minutes and I’ll see you in two minutes.

Excellent. So as you can see here, there’s some kind of drawing. Obviously again, I’m not a pro in this drawing thing but I think by the end of the explanation you probably will get what I’m trying to explain. Now let’s start with this, autobahn pretty much means highway, that’s what it is. Again, I don’t speak any German, us Europeans, Spanish, we always liked the idea of the autobahn because the autobahn doesn’t have a speed limit. That’s whole idea and concept that I would like you guys to understand is when I say autobahn I mean a highway. Imagine this highway where you can go as fast as you want, as many times as you want from point A to point B, right? That’s the kind of idea.

Why does this have anything to do with a team system? I guess by the end of it you will understand what I mean exactly. First of all in real life, let’s talk about the actual autobahn or the highway. First of all, when you have your car you have many choices to go from here, let’s just put a car here okay. You know, let’s see, okay. Somebody said the other day that I need to improve my drawing skills with the car, so let’s see. Okay, let’s see, what do you guys think? Is that much better? Probably.

When you want to go from point a to point b, you have always many choices. You can choose a highway or you can choose side roads, you have many different side roads and as you guys know, not all of them are the same. You have the side road one has a pavement but it’s not so good. Then you have another one that is dirt, a dirt road and then you have another one that is gravel. Now what happens and the reason I’m explaining all this is you have all these choices to go from point A to point B. It’s up to you which one you choose, right? If you are pressed for time and you want to get to point B faster and you don’t mind spending some money paying the toll or the price, you get on the highway and what do you do? Would you go as fast as you can or as you want as your car goes? We didn’t say speed obviously to point B.

Now some people rather they’re probably not in a hurry and they want to take a little bit of a scenery route or something and probably they take one of the side roads. Still very good road, not bad, which is a pavement. Pavement roads, it’s the old good for the car and all that and they take a little longer to go from point A to point B. What happens most of the time is when you a scenery route probably sometimes you stop here to do sightseeing, you stop here to sleep and so on. You probably somewhere along the line you probably decide to basically relax and see some friends and probably if you get to point B it doesn’t really matter so much.

Now some of the people say, “You know what? I think if I take the dirt road, it looks like it’s shorter and I can save some money and I’ll take my chances.” You know what happens? The dirt roads sometimes on a rainy day it gets muddy and what happens when it gets muddy? Well somewhere along the line again, the speed, you have a speed limit and the speed limit, I’m just putting the pen down, all these ones have speed limits. And it’s obviously, that speed limit is going to be as fast as your car can go without going off the road, that’s one thing.

The second thing on the dirt road for example, there are all these side roads and the dirt road when it rains what happens? Usually they get muddy and there is chances that you have a puddle somewhere along the line here and when you go with the car, you may get stuck. You just feel like, you’re just trying to go but you can’t, you may need some help to get unstuck and then you keep going and that delays you and so on. You may get to point B or not but by the time you get to point B, if you ever do that you probably are exhausted. You probably most of the time you probably stop.

Then you have gravel and what happens with gravel is the faster you wanna go, the more smooth stones can damage your car. Again, just bear with me that there’s a reason to my madness. So far so good, yes? You guys think, yes? So gravel you have all these little stones and the faster you wanna go, the less grip you have on the road and the more likely probably that you will go off road and the faster you go with the wheels, the more stones that can damage the actual car. If you make a hole maybe in the deposit or somewhere in the engine or something then the car basically, somewhere around here the car may stop if you don’t go off the road. And again, just remember all these things, I don’t think you can go as fast as you probably could go on the highway. You guys get me so far? Yes? So that’s kind of what happens in real life.

What is the common sense? The common sense is that if you wanna go faster from point A to point B most of the time you pay the toll, in countries that you need to. Some countries you’re lucky and you don’t have to pay and the government provides all that but usually basically that’s how it works. Now the government is the one usually providing this infrastructure. After they provide that infrastructure of the highway they don’t mind whether you take it or not. It’s just there for everybody to use and they know that here this highway can take up to up, I don’t know, maybe a thousand or a million cars a day for example. A millions cars a day, they go from point A to point B. There’s no real limit on the amount of cars that can go on the highway from point A to point B and there’s no speed limit. So far so good, yeah?

That is in real life, so what does that have to do with a team duplication system? Bear with me and I will explain to you exactly what I mean. Let’s just take now, now we’ll go to network marketing. Network marketing today, you’re here, we’ll do this in black. You’re here and you’re starting your business, you are the leader. Let’s say that you are, let’s say the institution and the government that is thinking about the infrastructure that you want to have so you can allow as many people as possible to go from point A, which is where people are to point B, which is where the dreams are.

Now you have many many choices. One is you can start your journey and instead of saying, “Well I don’t know how much it’s going to cost me to think about having a system and a process and all that” that’s what happens to most of us by the way. We get super excited the first time that somebody approaches us about an opportunity in this industry or profession. We just get super excited and what happens? We don’t think about infrastructure or anything, we just basically go out and talk to people. That’s what we’re told most of the time, go out and talk to as many people as you can, go to social media and post it as many people as you can and talk to them and something will stick.

Yes you can do that but here’s what happens, if you don’t think about the infrastructure it’s like the government saying, “We don’t need any highways, we don’t need any autobahn’s, there is already some roads in here that people started to put and we kind of started to patch, we set up the thing from point A to point B and people can manage.” You for example, when you’re excited and there’s nothing wrong with that by the way,  let me also clarify that. What I’m telling you is just my personal experience and I’m not saying whether this is right or wrong, it’s based on that experience what Masa and I have seen over the past 14 years.

Most of the time what happens is let’s say that you get excited and let’s say that you go on a pavement road and you start going through your journey and you start speeding up in your business. And you meet somebody and let’s say you meet this person and when you meet them what do you do? You talk to them, you get excited and you tell them, “Hey, yeah, let’s go!” And then they come with you on this journey. Let’s say sometimes you want to take a shortcut and that shortcut probably is the dirt road which it looks messy, it looks dusty but come on, it looks such a shortcut that if we take it everything is going to be fine. But what happens is it rains and when I say it rains it means maybe you are experimenting every other week with some new strategy with something and when it rains it means that maybe that that strategy is not working. And when it’s not working what happens is you get, somehow you get stuck in there, you get stuck in your business. You don’t know why and you try a different strategy and that strategy is not proven.

It’s not like the one thing sometimes that we when we talk about that you know very clearly what it is. You keep kind of spinning the wheels in the same spot and eventually you get tired. Now that is what happens to you but what happens to other people because everything that you do it duplicates. So if that’s what you’re doing, guess what happens to brand new person? Again, they’re going to take the same road as you do and they’re going to get stuck too. And that brand new person that you get here again will follow that road and they will get stuck. Again, any of these roads, the pavement, the dirt road or the gravel, they all have the same downsides. The downsides is first of all, they have speed limits. It limits the amount of things that somebody can do because they are trying to every single person that you meet. If you don’t give them a way to actually do things then they get stuck and they get confused and they’re trying to work things out. At the end of the day, what are you there for?

First of all you need to do it as we all say, the leading by example or the leading by integrity. The integrity of saying, “This is what I’ve done, it’s working really well and let’s all do this one thing” unify the message, [inaudible] whenever possible so then we can scale that as much as we can. This is why the autobahn is so good because the autobahn is a team system. Now, when you’re not using a team system, when you’re not using a process what happens here, on this side is that everybody’s trying their own thing. Because everybody is trying their own thing going and trying to either go on the pavement road or different many many ways depending on what they feel like, pretty much. What happens is you cannot keep control and when I mean control I mean you cannot really help every single person that comes in because you don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

So when something goes wrong in here with all these people because then they need someone else and they tell them and the message gets kind of lost, what happens is if  you don’t know what they’re doing, you don’t know what is not working. If you don’t know what is not working, you cannot fix it, you cannot help. And at the end of the day, that brand new person the only thing they want to do is they want to go from point A to point B where the dreams are. Doesn’t it make sense that you, as a leader, you go and create an infrastructure like the autobahn where anybody that comes in, the only thing they need to do is to plug in. I meet Peter today for example and what I tell Peter, I say, “Peter, you know what you need to do? You just need to come and join me because this structure of my business, this system that I’m following.” Step A,B or 1,2,3 and C, that’s as simple as it gets. The only thing you need to do is to plug people into the system.

So you meet Peter today and you say, “Peter, just come and plug into the system.” You meet Ann and you say, “Ann, are you excited? You want to do this business with me? Excellent so they only thing you need to do is to plug into the system.” Once they’re in the system there is a process that you already know that A,B and C that every single person can follow. If you know that Peter let’s say, is not having results the only thing you need to talk to Peter and say, “Peter, something is not working. Did you do A?” And he says “Yeah”, “Did you do B?” And he’s like, “Well no, not really, I did this.” What are you going to say to Peter? You’re going to say, “Peter, you need to go back and do B because if you don’t do B, it’s not going to get you to the next step and you won’t be able to go and achieve your dreams.” You guys follow me what I’m saying, yeah? But it sounds a little bit crazy right?

Again, we always talk about duplication. When you talk about duplication you always need to think that if you become the hero, if you become the hero of the story what happens is that everybody will look up to you and there’s two things that people always think. First of all, we always think we are not good enough so we look up to let’s say in this case, they look up to you and they say, wow, if Peter- not Peter, okay let’s say it’s someone else. Miguel, it doesn’t matter. So they look up to Miguel and they say, “Wow, Miguel is so good. Miguel is the hero, Miguel is so good doing all these things that he’s doing, I’m not so good. I think I’m gonna have to stay home and study all these things, stall my business until I learn all this so then I can go out and do probably not ever as good as Miguel but maybe I can try.” That stalls your business.

Instead of that, what if the system, the infrastructure that you set up is the hero of the story? Think about that for a second. A system, when you set it up correctly obviously and in a certain way, the system will always do the work. When somebody clicks on the play on a video, the video will always play. It doesn’t matter if you are asleep, if it’s three a.m., it’s five p.m., no matter where you are around the world, anywhere else where somebody’s clicking play, the system, the infrastructure is actually helping that brand new person. Think about that for a second. If you make the system and the process the hero of the story, you by default will become very successful obviously but not just that.

You’re giving in this case, Peter and Ann a really equal opportunity for them to actually achieve their dreams. Not just that again, think duplication. Peter will meet someone one day because they’re going to their business and guess what the message is going to  be to that brand new person? I don’t know if you guys can see that, let’s just do it here. Peter is meeting a brand new person. Okay, a new person. What do you think Peter is going to say to that brand new person? If you have already set up a structure, the only thing you need to do is to come into the system and follow the steps into the system. Very simple, right?

Instead of having to explain you need to this and you need to do that. No, you just point to tool, point to the tool. The more that you can do that, the better. Now, in addition to that, why do I say autobahn? Because once you are in the system, once somebody’s in the system they can go as fast as they want through point A, point B, point C. All the steps or step 1, step 2, step 3, whatever steps you have in your process. And they can go as fast as they want. You’re not limited by the corners of that road, you’re not limited by whether its a pavement or a dirt road or gravel or any limitations at all. If you have somebody like Peter for example, they’re super driven, they want things really really fast, guess what happens? When he gets into the system and he wants to apply point A, B and C in one day and obviously they’re all action oriented. Not so much about getting home and hiding behind the computer and studying and doing nothing. It’s all about action, right?

If Peter is action oriented, you’re giving them an opportunity, you’re giving him an opportunity to go from point A to point B as fast as he wants. Now, on the other hand, Annie or Ann, she wants to take it a little bit slower so she can go at her own pace. The only thing you are there for is to make sure that every single person in your team, no matter how many levels beneath you, everybody’s plugging into the system. Because it’s the only way, first of all, have you ever wondered what happens if I stop doing my business tomorrow? Will my business still survive? That is your answer because if everybody’s following the same steps that means that everybody can have the same results. Everybody that is driven, willing to learn and willing to apply what they learn.

Have you ever wondered if you can ever decrease the amount of hours you can work? If you had a system set up in the proper way that’s how you can actually do it because in this case that I’m showing you here with the autobahn and why the team system is kind of similar. You will have all these people plugging into the system, which is the hero, not you. That means that if you ever wanted to take some time off for whatever reason, maybe you want to spend a week with your family, maybe 15 days. It’s not by the way, I’m not saying that you stop doing your business, you still need to do short term activities but let’s say that you want to ease off a little bit this month because family reasons or personal reasons, whatever that is. Do you think the system will not work? Of course it will because the system is always there.

Bottom line is, if you ever wanted to have results faster and you wanted to give your people the best opportunity they can have your company is the best opportunity they can have. But at the same time you need to give them the tools so you can enable them to actually go from where they are today to their dreams and what they want to achieve in a timely manner and that timely manner means that they can achieve their dreams at  their own pace. And you’re just there to make sure whoever is ready right now that they’re plugging into the system, they plug into the autobahn, they plug into the structure of events, systems, leadership development, everything that you have. At the same time, that they pass on the same message to someone else that they’re going to meet in the future. Instead of going here and just trying to figure it out, every single person trying to figure it out and getting really messy and you can see, this is really messy right? This is a bit cleaner, it’s a bit simpler.

The simpler you keep your business the easier it will be for the brand new person to think one and only thing, “Wow, if Miguel can do this” remember before he was like the hero? “Miguel is so good, I don’t know if I can do this thing.” Instead of doing that, that looking at Miguel and saying “Hang on, Miguel only pointed me to this system and this tool. If he can do that, I can do that too.” Hopefully by now, everything is kind of making sense. Here’s what I want you to do. First of all, if you got value  what I went through today, I would love you to give me some feedback.

Again, the reason we’re sharing this with you, I’m sharing this with you, my hope is that it does help you in your business. I believe that after being 14 years in the industry which it might be a lot or not so much depending on who’s watching this. You learn certain things and my intention is always as shy I am, I promise you, getting in front of the camera is to show you that it is possible. That when you understand the process this business is so simple, things could happen so fast but it has to be done probably sometimes in a certain way.

When you have the combination of the safe, you need to put the numbers in the right sequence. No matter how hard you work, no matter how good of a person you are, if you don’t put the numbers in the right sequence the safe is not going to open. So this is exactly the same, if you want to help people to achieve their dreams by default obviously you’re going to achieve yours. You need to do it in a way where having more income doesn’t equal working longer hours because again, that limits the amount of hours you can work. The reason we are all trying get out of the J-O-B is because we are trading time for money.

Yet, we get into a sales mode, here, where we are selling product all the time and eventually we’re just checking that everybody’s buying product. Instead of that, what if you had a system and a process that you can plug people in and they can do what they’re supposed to do? Which is keep it simple and tell people about the system and the system can do the work for them. I hope this was helpful. Again, if you like it, share with everything remember that you have. Somebody that you think can have a [inaudible] moment and actually help them to actually do something better tomorrow with their business.

Again, if you like it just click like wherever you’re watching this. The bottom of this video there will be a link and that link is to a free webinar that Masa and I are running. It will explain more in detail all this crazy stuff about the autobahn, the systems, unifying the  message, scaling, all these things that may sound a little bit foreign for you. We talk about that in the free webinar. Make sure that you go and register right now. In the meantime, this is episode number three of pyjama bosses TV. Hope you’re having an amazing day and wishing you all the success. See you soon.

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