How To Create A Six Figure Network Marketing Business – Part Four – Systems

If you are a network marketing leader and you want to know more about how to create a 6 Figure network marketing business … this video is for you!
I am going to cover the essential steps in planning and executing the steps to create 6 Figures in network marketing.
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This is the fourth part of our four-part video training series of how to create 6 figures in network marketing. And guess what? If my mission was tomorrow to go ahead and start a brand-new network marketing business, I would do it in these four steps. So, if you haven’t already seen the other three videos, then go ahead and watch them right now before you come back. But if you’ve already seen them, let’s dive on into it, into third step, which is creating a system.

Hey, guys. It’s Masa back, and in this episode, we’re going to talk about creating a system from a process as a part of a planning process before you dive into all the activity in creating a six-figure network marketing business. Now, this four-part video training series was all about what would I do if I were to sign up in a brand-new network marketing company? I would not leap into massive action without direction, without clarity, without focus, and I would follow this three-part step, three-step part process.

Which is the first one was strategy, the second one was creating a process or processes for your network marketing business, and the third and final step, which we’re going into detail today, is creating a system. Now, just quick revision from the last video. So, now that you have clear processes for everything that you’re doing in your network marketing business, and the purpose of that is so that you can create massive duplication because quite honestly, network marketing is more about helping other people being able to replicate, duplicate what you’re doing, than you being able to do it. So it’s not about what works, but what duplicates, right?

And so once you have the clarity of all the processes, what you want to do is create a system out of the processes. And like I’ve been saying many times, a lot of network marketing leaders mistakenly think that when they have a process, they have a system. So a process may be here are the three steps of finding new people for my business on Facebook. I talk to them like this. I tell them this. This is the script I use. Whatever it is, right? But if you don’t have a system, quite often, your business is not going to be able to grow fast enough to reach six figures within 12 months or less.

And so it’s essential in this day and age to be able to turn to technology, to be able to actually create systems out of the processes that you have, to be able to grow faster, to be able to enable anyone in your team to be able to do the same thing you do. So if you don’t have a system, if you only have processes, what you may be experiencing is that duplication only goes one, two, or three levels deep. But beyond three or four levels, you’re having a challenge. People are not duplicating. There’s confusion. There’s no clarity. People are not taking massive action.

If you had a system created from a process that you had, you’d have massive duplication. So let’s have a look at how you do that. So, now that you have processes for every part of your business, what you want to do with those processes is do three things. You want to do the first one, which is automate. Okay, that’s the first part. And automation is massive because it saves us huge amounts of time. Some of you know what system stands from: Save Yourself Some Time, Energy, or Money. Right? And when you’re able to use automation and technology for some of the processes, guess what? You’re saving yourself effort, and so you can go faster.

Not only that, when you automate, you’re able to duplicate more perfectly. Just imagine a video presentation. Doesn’t it always do the same great job that it always does, 24/7? It doesn’t need to eat and sleep. Absolutely. That’s why we automate it. We also automate it because we save huge amounts of  time. I don’t have to sit with someone in a coffee shop for an hour or on a Zoom call for an hour to be able to explain everything about our products and our business. So that’s why we automate, to be able to duplicate, and to be able to save time, energy, and money.

Not only that, once you create automation as much as possible in all the processes, the next thing that you’re going to do is unify the message. Now, we’ve talked a little bit about the one path. We’ve talked about how important it is for massive duplication to occur. You need to just do one thing. As a leader, you need to pick the path, follow the path, and create massive duplication. And it’s really about unifying the message that is going through to your team. So whether that’s recruiting, team building, leadership development, all of those messages, you need to unify it, and the way you do it is by creating tools and systems. Quite often systems in network marketing is a selection of tools that work together in technology. And so unification may mean, for example, let’s say that you have a leadership development programme, maybe to get started, you have a video. And so that tool will unify the message when it goes to a brand-new team member, whether you’re sponsoring them or they’re five levels deep in your organisation.

If you don’t have that video right now, then five levels deep inside your organisation, the people are getting started in a random way, and that’s one reason why they’re not duplicating, and so on, right? So there’s many examples of this. Automation. Unification. But the final and most important thing that you want to ask is, how do I make my process scalable? That’s the last thing, is scalable. The S.

How do I make my process scalable? I mean, if somebody magically waved a magic wand and gave me 10,000 team members tomorrow in my team, how can I make sure they all have the same ability to prospect, recruit, advance to their first building block rank. How do I do that? You can only do that with automation, unification, and scalability, most importantly. This scalable is everything. So if you’re not using a platform that is transforming your process into system, this is probably not possible. And so these three steps in your business, what they allow you to do is the double D. So what is the double D? It allows you to build into massive depth and create massive duplication.

I know that you know this is my favourite word, and it is my favourite word because it’s literally responsible for more than 99% of your long-term income. If you persist in your company and build a massive team over the next 10 years, 99% of the income is not going to be coming from the people that you personally invite, recruit. It’s going to be coming from the massive organisations that you will help the people that you recruit, that you sponsor, actually, they create. So it’s really important to understand it. This is all about depth and duplication. The system will allow you to do that, but not only that. It allows you to do it faster, right? If we have automation, unification, and scalability, we can get to our incomes faster.

So when we talk about six-figure incomes, people often ask me, “I’m just starting out, Masa, you know. I’m just making a few thousand dollars a month right now, and I really, really want to go to a six-figure level per year. Is it time to create a system right now? Is it a little bit early? What about when I have a bigger team, when I have a hundred people on my team, when I have a thousand people on my team?” My answer to you is, when would you like to start growing exponentially? When would you like to create depth and duplication? Because if you do not have a system, if you just have processes, then people 

deep in your team are not duplicating. Then people in your team are confused. They don’t have the same ability to do your business as you have.

And so once you have a big team, that may be a big ship to steer, and it may be too late for you to create a massive system out of it. So for me, it makes sense no matter where you’re at in your business, the best time was, like we say, planting a tree, 20 years ago. But the second-best time is today, to create a system. So it helps you grow it exponentially. I really believe, in the next 5 years in network marketing, the leaders, the team members that don’t have a system are going to be in trouble.

In fact, I think already in the next year, into 2020, 2020, is going to be tough for people that haven’t gotten systems, that have only got processes, that are still relying on social media, free groups to create everything. I think they’re going to be in trouble, and that’s why when leaders come to us and ask us what’s the best way to get to six figures fast or what is the best way to go from six figures to seven figures, we always take them through this process. Strategy, process, and then system. And then, once we create a system, and actually, there’s other videos about how to create a team duplication system in other PyjamaBosses TV episodes, once they have a system, then we take massive action.

And so for me, if I were signing up in a business tomorrow, I would actually go ahead and do these three steps and create a system before I leap into massive activity because it may even take me a week or two. I may even have to sit down and delay starting that business. But once I have it all set up, then I have extreme clarity. I have one path. I have scalability, and I know I’m going to reach my goal on time. So if you’re watching this and you really enjoy these videos, then make sure you comment below and share it with your team, share it with the colleagues in the network marketing profession.

And if you’re somebody who really wants us to help you go through this three-step process of strategy, process, and system, then sometimes we have a few free strategy sessions available. So comment below. There’s probably a link below, and you can apply and see if we have any strategy sessions available right now. And I’m so excited to hopefully meet you, to help you and celebrate your success of getting to the six figures in your network marketing business.

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