Overcoming fear of rejection

Are you terrified of people’s rejection in your network marketing business? Are you paralysed with fear, thinking about what people may think if they knew that you are trying to recruit them into one of those things.

When we are learning the skill of inviting and recruiting, we will face the fear of rejection in a major way. You have to understand that we all experience this fear and it is normal that you too are scared of being rejected.

In today’s video blog I share few strategies that have helped me in the past to refocus away from thinking about how my prospects are going to reject me when I approach them. This key strategies will get you thinking about the bigger picture of what we really do in our profession.

Have you experienced paralysing fear that left you without words when you finally got the courage to speak to a prospect? Or perhaps you have found some other strategies that have helped you to deal with this fear of rejection.

Tell us your experience in the comments below and please share as much detail as possible.

Thanks in advance for being kind and generous in your replies.

With all our love and appreciation for your ultimate success,

Masa & Miguel (Pyjama Bosses)