Know-How Is Overrated

The reason we’re talking today about know-how, and we are saying that is kind of overrated is because most of the time, I don’t know if you’re in that situation, but well you’ve been in the past is whenever we are trying to acquire a new skill or we’re trying to learn, for example, a new language or trying to, in this case, you know, talking about business, we’re trying to do the business in a better way or become more successful. The first thing that we’re thinking is how can I do that? Right? And it comes, you know, I’m the first one to two to kind of admit and acknowledge that that’s the first thing that sometimes comes to mind, you know, and then you go, well, probably and do like a google search or something, trying to find how to do something.

But here’s the thing, the reason I’m saying sometimes or most of the time is overrated is because we are missing the thing that comes before the how-to. And probably the most important thing and is the reason why, you know, when you have a very strong desire to do something, the how-to will work itself. And if you think about it, you know, I was just thinking when I was a kid, for example, I don’t know if you, again, if you, if you were or you are in this situation, are you, you’ve been in the past. When I’m thinking about my childhood, when I was a kid and I wanted to ride the bike, right? I wanted to learn to ride the bike. It didn’t really matter to me so much how to ride the bike. They only thing I knew is that I had a strong desire to actually learn how to do it right.

But it didn’t matter the how-to because for me what really mattered was that I had a big desire, the why, try to go and make it happen. So the first thing, I guess I’m talking about the how-to, you know, the first thing before you go into how to do something, how to become better at business, how to become more successful, how to learn a new language, how to do something before you actually do that, it may be worth for you to actually go back in, find the reason why you should be doing that. Why isn’t going to be worth for you to go through the challenge of knowing the how-to in the steps on how to do something and become better at something, right? So it might be something that you want to think about, you know, when you have a very strong desire to do something, when you have a very good reason why, the how will work itself. And this is the thing that I want you to get from today’s video. The how-to will work itself as long as your desire, not the how-to, that is here, your desire inside yourself, the reason why is strong enough.