One of the main reasons we join a network marketing business is to create more leverage with residual income. In today’s video we share more about the correct way to create more leverage in a network marketing business. The only way to create it, is to create long term duplication.

Watch today’s video where you will learn:

  • 3 levels of duplication and how they will increase leverage in your business
  • Why layers of leadership and depth are important for long term residual income
  • How you can create recruiting / duplication on the 3 levels on duplication

Want to know how you can increase your income and gradually spend less time working in your business???✅✅✅ Learn the 3 levels of duplication to create more leverage in your business! If you want to dive deeper into this, feel free to join us on our webinar training class this week:

Posted by Pyjama Bosses on понедељак 11. јул 2016.

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