How Do I Systemize My MLM Business

How many times have you wondered, ‘How I can systemize what I do?’ If you haven’t, I would be asking myself that question. Many years ago, Masa and I went through a phase in which we literally burnt out. We ended up in the hospital because of exhaustion from how much we were working. We were not thinking about ‘How can I systemize my business?’ We were always thinking, ‘How can I get more things done? How can I do more? How I can grow my business?’ We never thought, ‘How can I systemize my business? As my business gets bigger, as my income grows, I don’t have to increase the hours that I’m working.’

What happened to us is that we increased the hours from a few hours when we were part-time to a full-time. We ended up working 12, 15 hour days; which I highly do not recommend to anyone. The reason for that is because we didn’t understand the power of duplication and systemizing your business. I don’t mean you do absolutely nothing, don’t get me wrong. You need to do work, but there are certain things that you need to do, you must do, if you really want to scale your business to multiple six figures and seven figures, and beyond.

That is using tools. I don’t mean to point people to … like a pamphlet or anything like that. As a rule of thumb, when you find yourself repeating the same thing five, six, seven times, it’s time for you to record a video; maybe like this one. You put the camera or even simple stuff, with your phone whether it’s a Android or iPhone, just smartphone with a camera and a microphone. The ones that have the camera, the phone is usually enough. If you’re repeating yourself five times over, you already know what you need to talk about. The only thing you need to do is to press ‘record’ and record exactly the same that you’re always repeating.

Then, after that, you need to put it somewhere on the Internet; usually maybe YouTube, for example, to start. It’s not about place to start. Guess what the next thing you’re going to be doing? How you systemize it is by you pointing to the tool. The more often you can do that, the more duplication you will have.

If Mary comes to me today and says, “How can I overcome objections of my prospects?”

Instead of me repeating over and over again the same thing, I’m going to say, “Mary, that’s a great question. Why don’t you go to this link, this YouTube link, and watch my training on how to overcome my prospect’s objections.” Imagine multiplying that by all the trainings and all the things that you’ve been repeating over and over again. Now, think about this for a second. Mary, tomorrow is going to come. After she came to me and I pointed to the tool, guess what Mary is going to do.

Let’s say Peter comes to Mary and says, “Mary, how can I overcome my prospect’s objections?” What do you think Mary’s going to do? She’s going to point to the same tool. Once that happens, it’s the beginning of your systemized business, your duplication, your leverage. As your business grows, you’re not required anymore to do that. Then, think about all the areas in your business that you can actually apply that. Voila, that’s your systemized business, your duplication, and the way that you’re going to be scaling your business to multiple six figures, seven figures, as much as you want.