How Can I Become The Best I Can Be?

How can I become the best I can be? This is certainly a daunting task, how am I the best? How can I become the best that I can be? I really believe in the compounding effect. If I look back at my journey, over 10 years ago when I first started my own business, I really never believed that the results that I’m currently receiving were absolutely possible, I really didn’t believe that. We are over estimating short term what we can achieve, but long term, looking at a 10 year period, at a decade or more, we’re always going to underestimate what we can achieve.

And so believing in that compounding effect over the long term, really committing ourselves to our journey, to our success path, step by step, day in and day out. Just doing a little bit more and taking action day by day, getting out of our comfort zone continuously and really consistently doing the work and taking massive action. And then knowing that the compounding effect will kick in. How can I become the best that I can be in a specific skill? Practice it over and over and over, get out of my comfort zone, get around better mentors, practice it more. But if I continue to do that over a long period of time, I will really fulfil my potential. And so just knowing that continuous improvement is so important, continuous personal development and professional development.

So how can you become the best that you can be? Believing and knowing there’s a compounding effect, and long term will really produce the massive results that you may not even know about. But right now really take the first step, and take action massively. Get out of your comfort zone and you’re on the right path to becoming the best you can be.