7 Setbacks You Will Have, Part 4

You will get disappointed. Frustrated. You will want to quit.

In today’s second video, we talk about a setback that we all experience in our first year of serious commitment to network marketing.

We overestimate our earnings short term.

And this is very serious. We feel like our effort has not been worthwhile. We feel like we have been lied to. We want to just give up and quit.

I remember feeling like this and thinking how my once full time job as a scientist was suddenly becoming so appealing again.

This is a tricky setback. Watch this video and learn how you have deal with this setback and what we have learned from building a worldwide 7-figure business.

The question is – can you actually avoid this setback by setting the correct expectations for yourself? And how can you do that for your team?

Watch todays video and learn more. And we would love to hear from you, about your journey and the setbacks you faced when you got started in the industry!